Introduction from Down Under

Howdy fellow Lost in Sace fans from Down Under. I know I'm a late starter to this, but I've been a fan of the original TV series ever since I first watched it as a snotty nosed 5 year old on a flickery and ancient black and white TV screen in the mid 60's, (luckily the 1st series was in black and white anyway!) Lost in Space was such a revelation to Australian TV in 1966, nothing on the screen compared to it, an exciting and explosive mish mash of outer space, scary monsters, robots, handsome American space family, and evil traiterous doctor that proved to be complusive viewing every Satrurday night. Of course we all know that the series degenerated into a ego vehicle for Jonathan Harris and his sidekicks the Robot and Will in later epsiodes, but as we can all agree, the early episodes in the 1st season still hold up tremendously well almost 50 years later. I'm certainly looking forward to contributing to this wonderful websight (thanks to my youngest son for finding this for me), so expect a barrage of factoids, bloopers and general LIS stuff to be added in the future. Cheers!