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The 24th Colonist Group or 24th Mission is a colony mission that departs for Alpha Centauri on Netflix's Lost in Space.


The 24th Mission was carried on the state of the art spacecraft, the Resolute. When the vessel was attacked by the Robot, the majority of the colonists were forced to abandon it in Jupiter spacecraft and crash on an unknown planet. ("Impact")

The Jupiter spacecraft were attacked by fuel eel creatures which drained them dry of almost all of their fuel. This prevented them from getting off the planet and reuniting with the Resolute. ("Infestation")

A group of colonists led a mission to the Jupiter 18, which crashed a desert area and thus was not affected by the fuel eels. Though they were able to salvage its fuel, an accident caused them to lose most of it. ("Pressurized")

The colonists worked together and managed to come up with a plan to leave the planet. However, the Robinson Family ended up being sucked into a wormhole and were separated from the group. ("Danger, Will Robinson")

The Resolute ended up over the amber planet and was abandoned in the wake of an attack by Scarecrow. After access was restored, Victor Dhar remained on the planet to represent the colonists' interests, while his wife returned to the vessel on a Jupiter spacecraft as part of the logistics team. ("Run")

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