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Alpha Centauri is a planet seen on Netflix's Lost in Space. It is the destination of the Robinson family and it is seen as a new home for humanity.


Alpha Centauri was the eventual destination of the colony missions carried by the Resolute from Earth following the launching of the missions upon the appearance of the Christmas Star. ("Impact")

A promotional video for Alpha Centauri painted as an idyllic place with waterfalls, wide pastures with horses and "filled with people dedicated to building a society that will last generations to come." Don West, however, warned that it was not as wonderful as was claimed, because people do not change so easily. ("The Robinsons Were Here")

Maureen Robinson described it as a "paradise planet" with no wars and no instability. Only the "best of the best" were allowed to travel there, however. ("Transmission")

Grant Kelly, Judy Robinson's biological father, was one of the first people to work on this program. ("Run")

With the help of the Robot, the children from the Resolute attempted to reach Alpha Centauri only to realize they were in the wrong star system as Alpha Centauri orbited a yellow sun, an orange sun and a red dwarf while the planet they arrived at only had a single sun. Instead, the planet is shown to be a partially shattered ruin containing the Fortuna which was the radar signature that Robot had locked onto instead of Alpha Centauri's. The Fortuna was a human ship commanded by Grant Kelly that had vanished over 20 years before. ("Ninety-Seven")

A year later, the children return for their parents with the help of Grant and the Robot. The Robot is finally able to send the Jupiter's through a rift to Alpha Centauri, but with SAR following the last Jupiter and the Fortuna into the rift, the Robinsons divert their ship and the Fortuna to the boggy planet instead in order to keep SAR from reaching the colony. ("Nothing Left Behind")

The Robinsons later manage to reach the colony where Will Robinson's critical injuries are treated. With SAR on his way, the Robinsons and their friends work to activate a defense shield that was secretly installed by Hastings. While they succeed, a team of Robot saboteurs damage the dam powering the colony, taking down the defense shield. ("Contingencies on Contingencies") Alpha Centauri is attacked by SAR a short time later with the colony using the Jupiter's as an alternative power source for the shield. SAR's ship is destroyed, but the Robots survive and attempt to use the Alien Engine to destroy the planet. Will and June Harris are able to convince the Robots on their homeworld to give them a command to broadcast that frees the other Robots and stops the attack. Although SAR still tries to destroy the planet, Will tricks him into absorbing a piece of Robot that is in Will's new mechanical heart, allowing Robot to take over SAR's body and shut down the engine. ("Trust")

With humanity and the Robots now existing in peace, a new colony ship, the Solidarity, is built in orbit to resume the Resolute's mission. The Robots that don't head off to parts unknown aid the colonists in this endeavor. ("Trust")


  • The Alpha Centauri Star System actually has multiple stars and multiple planets which astronomers believe may have Earth-like conditions. The three stars in the system are Alpha Centauri A, B, and Proxima Centauri.
  • Although there are several planets which may be habitable to humans, none of them are named Alpha Centauri, instead being named Proxima b and c, and Alpha Centauri Bb.
  • Alpha Centauri was also the destination of the Robinson family in the original series.