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The blarp was an alien creature , described in the script and some spinoff novels as a "lizard monkey" encountered by the crew of the Jupiter 2 in the 1998 Lost in Space movie. This creature was first discovered by the crew on the Proteus , apparently the child of aliens who encountered the ship in deep space . this backstory is implied in the script, where the parents actually appear, but is left unclear in the actual film. eventually he was rescued from the space spiders and became Penny's pet and companion.


  • Blarp was envisioned as an update for the character of Debbie on the original Lost in Space TV series. Though originally portrayed by an animatronic puppet, this was replaced with cgi in the actual movie
  • The Blarp had the ability to change color. In the unproduced sequel movie, Penny would have also developed this ability.
  • Some spinoff novels describe the Blarps eyes as blue- it is possible that they can change color as well.
  • The script calls this lifeform-"blip", many spinoff novels call them "blawp"
  • The young adult series "Lost in Space: The New Journeys " shows the blarps homeworld in #4: Journey to the Planet of the Blawps. Other books in this series frequently include the Blarp, sometimes conflicting with what was shown in the movie by saying the Blarp was found on a planet or in another dimension.