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"But how did, how did you..."
"'Cause I'm a badass, princess."
"You're a badass princess."
- Judy Robinson and Don West[1]

Don West is a main character on the Netflix series Lost in Space.

Personality & Character[]

Don is very fond of chickens, and his motto of leaving no man behind seems to cover livestock as well. He very much cares about money, but at times, he has shown a softer side for the Robinsons and of course, his chicken Debbie. He was with John when the Jupiter 4 exploded. Like John, he survived, and in "Danger, Will Robinson," he was rescued by a harpoon.

He is not a colonist, but rather a well-paid roughneck, part of a sub-class of highly skilled, but blue collar contractors. He also smuggles in luxury goods on the side. A roguish exterior hides a heart of gold, and if not for the crash, he would have returned home and set up himself and his family for life. He is cynical about the colonization of space, but the crash forces him to work together with others to survive, finding a family he never thought he'd have with the Robinsons.

He does not like to be noticed and avoids standing out because he thinks it'll only cause him more work and trouble. His stated core principles include "never raise your hand," "always sit in the back" and "never, ever be too good at anything."[2]

Skills & abilities[]

Don is a mechanic and understands the mechanics of the Jupiter spacecraft. He is also a talented smuggler and pilot.

He claims to have scored an "A+" on his cognitive recovery time, which is normally measured in seconds, though Maureen Robinson couldn't find a result for him.[3]


Don grabbing Debbie the chicken from the crash site

He, Tam Roughneck and "Dr. Smith" survived the wreck of the Jupiter 18 spacecraft, but Roughneck was badly injured and passed away. Outside the spacecraft, he grabbed a chicken named Debbie that he credited with saving his life. He refused to give Roughneck a burial, leaving it to "Dr. Smith" and the two set out on a journey to look for other survivors. They discovered Angela Goddard, who was in a catatonic state. They took shelter from a storm in a cave. "Dr. Smith" ended up taking the only remaining flare and escaping the situation by hitching a ride with the Robinson family. Don and Angela ended up taking refuge with the Watanabe family.[4]

He leads a mission to the Jupiter 18 spacecraft to get fuel in exchange for compensation. This puts him at odds with Judy Robinson, who doesn't like his mercenary attitude. He is nearly trapped and killed aboard the vessel when it crashes. He discovers proof of the secret of "Dr. Smith"'s true identity, but is unable to salvage it, save a single photo, which he shows to Judy.[1]

He feels like he keeps doing the right thing, but doesn't get anything for it. Despite this, he acquiesces to Judy's request to accompany her father on the dangerous launch of the Jupiter 4, but says that he wants a medal, or even his own holiday, "Don West Appreciation Day."[3]

He admits to John he has few friends and family back on Earth. He denied being an orphan when questioned by John, and acknowledged his parents were still alive and that he was abandoned.[5]

He ends up together with the Robinsons on the Jupiter 2 when it is separated from the rest of the 24th Mission and ends up on water planet. Along with the rest of her family, he receives a copy of Penny Robinson's memoir, Lost in Space. He joins the Robinsons as they turn the Jupiter 2 into a sort of sailboat to venture across the planet.[6]

"You guys?! I'm back!"

When he arrives on the amber planet and rejoins the maintenance crew of the group, he is not given a warm welcome. He holds out his hands and says "surprise!" then says that he knows they all missed him, only to be punched by one of the workers, Andre. Another worker, Ava, then helps him up, commenting that there was a pool going to see who would punch him first and that she was too slow. He then says that he thought they were a brotherhood, or sisterhood. She calls him a deserter, which he says is a harsh term. He tells her that he was there in the Resolute, helping when things went crazy and was held hostage against his will. He tells her that he's her top mechanic and made her life easier and she tells him to make her life easier then and there by fixing a malfunctioning Chariot.[7]

When Penny Robinson, June Harris, Vijay Dhar and a teacher named Mr. Jackson are trapped in an area of the Resolute that the vessel's crew is planning to explode away to get rid of a rust virus, he comes up with a plan to save them. In order to convince the vessel's captain, Kamal, to go along with the plan, however, he is forced to reveal that he is a smuggler.[8]

He later aids the Robinsons both as they conduct a mutiny aboard the vessel ("Unknown") and later when Judy Robinson comes up with a plan to save the 97 children of the Resolute when a fleet of alien robots comes to attack the vessel.[9]


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