Echoes is the third episode of the second season of Netflix's Lost in Space. It was released on Netflix on December 24, 2019.


The Robinsons' dreams of a happy reunion fade when they realize something's very wrong aboard the Resolute. Smith seizes a chance to clear her name.[1]


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  • Bill Mumy, who played Will Robinson in the original Lost in Space, appears again as Dr. Zachary Smith in this episode after having been seen in "Impact." Angela Cartwright, the original Penny Robinson, appears as Sheila Harris, and receives an "and" credit for her role.
  • The song "The Joker" is heard in this episode. John Robinson also briefly sings the song.
  • The name "Alejandro Daiman Serricchio" that appears in the Hall of Heroes on the Resolute is a tribute to the late brother of Don West actor Ignacio Serricchio. Serricchio was approached by Lauren Stope, one of the show's production managers, and asked if he would be okay with the show's crew making a plaque with the name of his brother, who had committed suicide due to depression nearly four years previously. He happily said yes, as he always likes to include his brother in some form on any project he works on. He also thanked the show's executive director, Alex Graves, for opening the shot with the plaque.[2]

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