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In Innovation's "Lost in Space" comic series, the Aeolians are a non-humanoid species that took over Alpha Centauri from the civilization that lived there and its technology, trying to understand it. Their leader, J'ahl, hated humans because he believed they had dissected his son, P'ezu. He did not want the expedition to Alpha Centuari to succeed, so he had Dr. Smith reprogram the Robot to destroy the Jupiter 2. Aeolians measure elapsed time based on how often they shed their skin.

Irwall Corporation[]

The Irwall Corporation is a private organization mentioned in the Innovation Lost in Space comics which in 1993 discovered a crashed Aeolian vessel, reverse engineered it, and created the Jupiter 2. Although initially spelled "Irwall" when first shown in the comics, the graphic novel Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul spells it “Irwal.”

Joshua Robinson West[]

Joshua Robinson West is the name of Don and Judy's child the Innovation comic book story series "Voyage to the Bottom of the Soul.” the character reappears in " Lost in Space: The Epilogue", though his back story there is different.

Lost in Space (comic)[]

The Lost in Space comic book series was published by Innovation Comics beginning in 1991. It was written by Bill Mumy.

Proxima 4[]

According to the Lost in Space graphic novel Voyage to The Bottom Of The Soul, Proxima 4 was the original destination of the Jupiter 2. It has a polar climate and its oxygen level is 3 points below the levels within the Jupiter 2 because of minimal vegetation. It has a high carbon dioxide level. Its soil is unsuitable for growing human food crops. An alien race called the Aeolians invaded the planet, taking it over from the native race that already lived there.