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The Jupiter 2 the main spacecraft used by the Robinson family in Netflix's 2018 television series Lost in Space. Like all the Jupiter class spacecrafts, the Jupiter 2 stored within the Resolute docking bays for the colonists. It is roomy enough to comfortably accommodate an entire family, and was not built to withstand space travel without the mothership the resolute.

The Jupiter 2 was the vehicle of the Robinson Family, it was their personal transport for the 24th Mission when not traveling on the Resolute mainly during evacuations or their personal hotel like place.


When the Resolute suffered a sudden attack, the families traveling on the Resolute were told to evacuate to their Jupiter spacecraft. Like the other families, the Robinsons boarded their Jupiter, the Jupiter 2, when their jupiter was sucked into the alien space travel rift the Robinsons lost control of the Jupiter and crashed on the unknown planet.

Thanks to the vessel being sealed to the wild cold vacuum of space , it was capable of sustaining itself, even underwater. It could not do so indefinitely, however, but thanks to help from Will Robinson's new friend, the Robot, they were able to raise it solid ground. ("Diamonds in the Sky")

Once landed on solid ground, the vessel's Jupiter expansion protocols allowed it to expand out to a greater size to help with initial colonization. ("The Robinsons Were Here")

The Jupiter 2 escaped the destruction of the Resolute when it was attacked by a fleet of alien robots, carrying John Robinson, Maureen Robinson and Don West. They witnessed the escape of the Jupiter spacecraft that was carrying their children. John despaired of ever finding it, though Maureen assured him they would think of something. ("Ninety-Seven")

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Alternate timeline[]

In an alternate timeline in which Penny Robinson was not a part of the 24th Mission, the Jupiter 2 was never retrieved from the lake. Instead, Will, Judy and Maureen, the only members of the Robinson family to crash on the unknown planet, instead took refuge on the Jupiter 11. (Lost in Space: Return to Yesterday)

Behind the scenes[]

Bill Mumy appears on the set of the Jupiter 2 in the Season 1 home video special feature "Bill Mumy Visits the Jupiter 2." He states that while its different, it still feels like his Jupiter 2, describing the experience as "emotional and interesting."