The Jupiter Mother-Ship was the primary spaceship in 2004 pilot "The Robinsons: Lost in Space."

The Jupiter Mother-Ship was the main ship that would be traveling across space, carrying space travelers, as well as the pods that the space travelers woud live during the journey to the planet Nova.

The Jupiter Mother-Ship is extremely huge and is made up of many corridors linked together. Certain corridors lead to observation decks, while others lead to the pods, where the families will live. The Robinsons live in Pod 2.

After arrving at the planet Nova, the pods would be jettisoned and would land on Nova. The pods would then function as homes for the space travelers on the planet Nova. The pods are also spaceworthy and are capable of spacetravel.

The journey was suppose to commence sometime in the year 2097. It is unknown how long the trip from Earth to Nova would last.

In that same year, alien beings attacked the Jupiter Mother-Ship not long after she left for her voyage towards Nova. The Jupiter Mother-Ship was completely destroyed by the aliens; however, many of the space-pods were ejected and saved some of the space travelers. Of these pods was the Jupiter 2 Pod. Aboard were the Robinsons, consisting of John, Maureeen, Judy, Will, and Penny. Pilot Don West was also onboard, as well as the Robot. However, the eldest Robinson son, David, was accidentally left on the Jupiter Mother-Ship. Since the Mother-Ship was destroyed, it's assumed that David perished while aboard.

There are no clear pictures of the Jupiter Mother-Ship. It had to be large, since it possessed all the pods for the voyage to Nova. It is unknown, how many pods, or how many space families were on board. It is also unknown how many families and spacepods survived the alien attack.