Lost In Space UniformsEdit

I thought it would be a great idea to have a page dedicated to the Robinsons' uniforms. They changed EVERY season. Dr. Smith's uniform changed the most out of the entire cast.


Season 1 Uniforms

Season OneEdit

Season One was filmed in black and white. I had just assumed that the unifomrs were the same as in Season Two. However, Bill Mumy had stated on a video that his favorite uniform was from Season One. He described it as a deep blue. I didn't remember that uniform. All I remembered was his reddish-orange and yellow uniform he wore in Season Two. I was surprised when I came across this color photo from Season one. Here are their uniforms in description:

John Robinson wore a gray/blue suit with a deep red insert top.

Maureen Robinson wore a an olive toned suit with a bright pink insert top.

Don West wore a dark gray pants, a lighter gray shirt, with a deep red insert top.

Judy Robinson wore a deep red top with dark skirt/culottes.

Penny Robinson wore a tan suit with a lighter tan insert top.

Will Robinson wore dark blue pants with lighter deep blue shirt. The collar had red, white, and blue stripes.

Dr. Smith wore an assortment of uniforms during the first season. At first he wore his miliary suite. Later, he exchanged it for a gray jumpsuit. He gets another suit...more like the Robinsons. Then he changes suits in "War of the Robots." He again changes suits after that.  I'll try to give a more detailed description of Dr. Smith's suits and uniforms later.