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Lost in Space: The Epilogue
was a table read with the original cast included on the Blu-Ray release of the series. Created from a script by Bill Mumy, it concluded the series by returning the Jupiter 2 crew to Earth. After the cancellation of the show, Bill Mumy sent the script to Irwin Allen for approval, but he refused to read it. Today, however, it has become official, produced with the original cast, with the exception of the roles of John, Maureen, and Dr. Smith, who are played by Guy Williams Jr., Veronica Cartwright (sister of Angela Cartwright), and Kevin Burns. Whoever operated the Robot is unknown. New characters include Joshua Robinson West, the son of Don and Judy, and a mysterious alien female named Enaj. The story is in the tone of season one. Set 15 years after the series, the Robinson's have been crashed on a planet and lost hope. But with the discovery of a huge supply of Deutronium, and the fact that the planet's surface is shifting rapidly, it seems they have no choice but to come together and escape. The story is heavily rewritten from the original proposal, which would have featured the destruction of the Jupiter 2 and Robot, in addition to a crashed alien ship
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