A currently untitled third novel based on Netflix's 2018 television series Lost in Space is scheduled to be released.

It was originally slated for publication on November 3, 2020 in both print and eBook formats. However, Amazon currently lists a release date of September 2, 2025 and an unavailable status, indicating most likely that the novel's release has been indefinitely delayed.

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The third thrilling, original novel based on Netflix's smash hit Lost in Space! This all-new story focuses on 12-year-old Will Robinson and his closest friend and greatest protector--a mysterious Robot with a dangerous past.
Thirty years in the future, Earth has become increasingly more uninhabitable, and a group of colonists--including Will, his two teenage sisters, and their parents--travels across the galaxy to establish a new home. But when the ship is attacked, the Robinsons are stranded on an alien planet where they must contend with disastrous technical issues, a hostile environment, and dangerous personalities to get off-world and reach their colony.

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