Loused Up In SpaceEdit


This is a vintage Mad Magazine, issue number 104, dated July 1966. It has an Alfred E. Neuman cover (courtesy of Norman Mingo) with Alfred's Dad convincing a pretty girl to marry Alfred in a shotgun wedding.


This issue contains a "Lost in Space" parody by Mort Drucker, as well as your favorite regulars (Don Martin gags, "The Lighter Side of...." by Dave Berg, Sergio Aragones Mad marginals, etc...).


Lost in Space was one of the earliest TV SF shows to be satired by MAD. The parody called "Loused up in Space" was written by Dick De Bartolo and drawn by Mort Drucker. This 1966 satire is based on a fictious episode called "A Canyon of Precious Stones" or "The Ruby Valley Story." The Robinsons become the Boobinsons, and the names of the original cast are changed in true MAD style. Penny, for example, becomes "Punny", Don becomes "Donce", and Maureen becomes "Mauronne." This 6 page satire is one of a kind and a must for all fans. If you can't find an original be sure to look for copies or pick up the December 1996 issue #117 of MAD Magazine where they reprint this classic.


When actress June Lockhart saw the magazine, she got the cast together (No Jonathan or Robot?) and had a fun photo taken of the cast making a silly face mimicking their MAD characters. The MAD Publication re-printed the original on December 1996 in issue #117.


Shown below in the Gallery is the MAD Magaznine's story tribute "Loused Up In Space." The last picture is the one that June Lockhart had taken with the Robinson's mimicking their MAD characters.