Precipice is the second episode of the second season of Netflix's Lost in Space. It was released on Netflix on December 24, 2019.


Penny and Maureen become trapped in a mysterious metal trench. Meanwhile, Don falls prey to a nasty toxin.[1]


Maureen tells the group that nothing's changed and that they stick to the plan. Penny asks if getting stuck at the edge of a massive alien waterfall was part of the plan. Maureen says that the lightning storm should be starting in about 97 minutes and they need to be ready to spark the engine when that happens. She asks if everyone remembers their assignments and they start calling off, except for Don, who simply says "present." She asks if he knows what he's doing and he says that he does, it just sounds cooler when she says it. She tells Penny to make sure Don has everything he needs for launch. Will asks if they're not going to talk about the giant metal trench in the middle of the planet. Somebody built it, and he's wondering if she wants to know who. She agrees that she does, but they need to focus on the fact that 16 billion joules of energy are about to strike where they're standing. She says that as long as they stay inside the Jupiter, they'll be fine, that the ship will act as a Faraday cage, sending the energy around them. She promises Will that they'll look into what's down there once they're airborne.

"Dr. Smith" comes up by her, saying that she didn't get a job. Maureen tells her that her job is to do nothing, and touch nothing. They'll call her if they ever need to sail again. She claps her hands, saying to get to it, and Smith comments that she never likes it when somebody else saves the day. Judy tightens a bolt on the outside of the Jupiter 2. She tells Maureen that she was talking to Will the day before and he told her that Ben Franklin wasn't the only one to try the kite experiment. A man named Georg Recihmann tried it a couple weeks later. John comments that history books never talk about the second guy. Judy says that it's because lightning jumped to his forehead, killing him instantly. John comments that Will needs to learn to keep some things to himself.

Inside the Jupiter 2, Will hears a ticking noise and goes to investigate. Don comes up on him, asking why he's hugging the wall. He asks if Don hears the sound. He tells him that it's one of the rotators in the cooling slats - that when you turn a spaceship into a submarine, it ticks. John asks him over the comm how it's coming with the methane filter and he tells him he's heading into the cockpit. Smith listens in on the conversation and heads to lounge on the viewport as Will enters. He asks what she's doing there and she tells him that she's just keeping out of the way. She points out the window, saying that she's always been fascinated by seaweed. She continues that people treat it like floating garbage, but don't realize they use it everyday, in toothpastes, lotions and shampoos. She says that it's like a lot of things that are only appreciated when you learn how helpful they can be. He asks her if she's honestly looking to be appreciated for helping them navigate through the storm. She says that it was kind of a big deal and he replies that she was doing it to save herself, not his family or him. She says that he never visited her when she was locked up. He says that they have nothing to talk about and starts to walk away, but she grabs him, saying that they do. They're the only ones that know what it's like to be connected to the Robot. He replies that she was not connected to him, she was using him. She asks if there was a difference, that the Robot's job is to give the master what he wants. He tells her he has work to do and turns away again.

Penny works with Don. He asks her if she has a crowbar so that he can get the kelp off the ship. She says she doesn't what he would do if she weren't around to hand him a piece of metal. She asks if it's just her, or if her mom always gives her the "dummy jobs." He asks if helping him is a dummy job. She says that she didn't mean it that way, it's just that Will always gets the smart jobs and Judy gets the tough jobs. Don tells her that flying under the radar is actually good thing and one of his core principles. His others include "never raise your hand," "always sit in the back" and "never, ever, be too good at anything." She asks if that works for him and he tells her that it worked perfectly until he met them, a bunch of over-achievers. Maureen comms to ask him how it's going. He tells her the ship could use a new paint job, but will fly. He tells here that he thinks the kelp will burn in the atmosphere, but he wants to make sure it won't mess with the thrusters. He hands the crowbar back to Penny, saying he needs something stronger, then suddenly winces in pain. He tells her that the kelp bit him, asking just what it is. She asks if she should get Judy, and he says that it's fine, but his leg feels numb. She asks if it's cutting off his circulation. He says he doesn't know, then collapses. Penny shouts for Maureen. In the panic, they very nearly lose the kite. Maureen saves Don, but Penny ends up drifting out to sea. John watches in horror as Penny and Maureen go over the edge of the waterfall.

John asks over the comm if they copy, but gets no response. Down below, they struggle in the water before finally emerging. Maureen shouts over the radio that they're okay and John responds with relief. Penny comments that she doesn't think this is what "okay" is supposed to feel like. Maureen tells her that they're breathing and in one piece and that's what "okay" feels like. John tells them to check their spacesuits and make sure that everything is alright with them. They do so and find that they're good. Maureen looks around them at the alien construction. She calls it "incredible," but Penny says that she's fine with still not talking about the place. Maureen comments that the lightning is drawn there because the metal acts like a conductor. She examines some strange alien writing on the ground, then uses a device on her wrist to take a photo of it. John comments that he doesn't like them being down there on their own. He says he's going to try to find a way to get down to them. Maureen tells him not to, that they're fine. They just need to find a way back up.

Will and Judy drag Don through a corridor of the ship. Judy warns Will not to touch the kelp, while Don continues that neither of them is to take a photo of him or tell anyone about this. Judy warns him to stop talking as they drag him into the medbay. Judy tells Will to go try to help Maureen and Penny while she takes care of Don. Don comments that he's having a hard time feeling his everything. Will leaves as Smith enters the room, holding a copy of the Lost in Space memoir. Outside, Maureen tells John she has an idea. She wants him to take down the kite, attach it, tie it off and then lower the other end down to them. She thinks it should be long enough to reach. They have 67 minutes of air left. John struggles to reach the kite, while Judy struggles to help Don. He tells her that something's happening, that he can't feel his head. She tells him that it's good, that if she makes a mistake, it won't. He tells her it's not funny. John climbs, but just as he's reaching for the kite, the ladder leading up to it collapses, sending him toppling. The pieces fall to the ground and Maureen and Judy only narrowly avoid them. John is okay, but they watch as the kite flies away. Penny asks if they're stuck down there. Maureen tells her that they're okay, that they have time. She says they'll find another way. She tells John to put his head together with Will and Judy and they'll do the same down below. John tells her that he'll see her soon.

Down below, Maureen tells Penny that they'll figure it out. Penny seems dubious, but agrees. Up above, John reminds Will of Maureen's advice, that "every problem has a solution." In the medbay, Judy asks Smith to make herself useful and clean things up. Smith tells her that she'd love to, but her mother ordered her not to touch anything. Judy tells her that her mother's not there and she comments that it must be nice being in charge for once. Judy tells her to stick to her chores. She tells Don that she thinks he's going into anaphylactic shock and she needs to stop the spread of the toxin before it reaches his brain. She tells him she's going to give him a blood transfusion. The only thing is, the only person there who has the same blood type is Smith. She says that she'd be honored to donate to a worthy cause. Don says that he absolutely won't allow it, but she tells him that it's either her or she sends him into a medically induced coma. Smith rolls up her sleeve.

Outside, Penny asks if they might be able to make some sort of scaffolding out of the fallen sails, but Maureen says that it'll only give them 30 feet at first. They'd still have 120 at most. Penny points out that without the kite, they can't jumpstart the engine and if they can't get up before the lightning hits, they won't survive. Maureen tells her that she doesn't need more problems, only solutions. She starts to apologize and Penny says that she'd be frustrated too. Of all her kids to get stuck with, Maureen got stuck with her. Maureen starts to tell her that it has nothing to do with it and she asks if she wouldn't rather have Will there to bounce around geometrical formulas. Maureen says that geometry won't get them out of it and Penny replies that if he were there, he would know that. Judy, meanwhile, would have run 30 miles and found some sort of strong tree. Maureen tells her that they have talents that make them unique and she replies that some are more useful than others. Penny tells her to stop, saying that she hopes their father is having more luck than they are. Up on the ship, John and Will are not having anymore luck. Will hesitates and John asks if he's thinking about the Robot, that he wouldn't mind seeing him either. He tells him that when he was deployed there were hard days, but he knew he would do whatever it took to get back to him. He says that the Robot feels the same way. He speaks of keeping each other safe and this gives Will an idea. He explains that Maureen said that they'll be safe when the lightning strikes because the Jupiter acts as a Faraday cage. They can get Maureen and Penny one of their own.

Maureen tells Will that it's a good idea, but they don't have enough time to build one. Will tells her that they don't have to build it. They already have one in the garage - the Chariot - and they just have to get it down to them. Penny asks if it would really work. Maureen tells her that they never officially tested it for temperature, but it should. Will continues that it won't solve the kite problem, but they should at least be safe. Maureen says that maybe they don't need the kite. The winch cable of the Chariot is conductive metal and if they use it to lower the Chariot down, then they could kill two birds with one stone. They can hot-wire the other end of the winch cable to the engines, like jumper cables. John says that there's some big problems with her plan - the first of which is that the Chariot is in the garage, which is underwater. She says that it's a good thing she married a Navy Seal. So John and Will proceed to free the Chariot from the garage. John opens the floodgates, but something sounds off. They're stuck on the kelp. John runs to Judy, asking what it was that she used to cut the kelp off of Don's leg. She tells him that it was a plasma torch and he asks just how many they have. He explains that the kelp is blocking the garage door and she asks why he would need to open it when the garage is underwater. He tells her that he doesn't have time to explain, he just needs to get it done. He asks if Don and Smith will be okay for a few minutes. She agrees that they will and goes with him. "Alone at last," Smith comments to Don.

Down below, Maureen frets, wondering what's taking everyone so long. She checks their air and finds that they have 36 minutes left. Penny tells her that she's sure they're fine - that Will and Judy are up there to help John figure things out. Maureen tells her that she saved them too. Penny asks when and she says that when they were in the diamond storm, they were stuck and she rescued them. Penny replies that she disobeyed her and stole the Chariot. Maureen says that her point is that she saved them and Penny asks if her special skill is misbehaving. Maureen asks if there's something going with her she's supposed to know about. Penny ignores her and she asks when they don't talk to each other. Penny asks her what she thought about her book. She says that Will gave them copies and she's heard from everyone else except Maureen. She asks if Maureen even read it and Maureen replies that she of course did. Penny asks if she had a favorite part and she stammers that it was seeing how much she had grown as a writer. Penny thanks her and Maureen tells her that she can't wait to see what she writes about this place. Back on the Jupiter 2, Smith tells Don that Penny has a few facts wrong here and there in her memoir, but her voice is strong. Also, she likes her hair, which is nice. She continues that the memoir is full of revelations, such as that Judy dreams of moving away from home and that Vijay Dhar is a bad kisser. Don West is a smuggler.

As John, Will and Judy struggle to open the garage door, Judy warns them that whatever happens to not touch the kelp. Will says that there's 29 minutes left and John tells him not to worry about checking the time. He set an alert. They make progress, but the kelp is strong. Back in the medbay, Smith calls her and Don West peas in a pod. She describes them as two outsiders who were both rejected from the colony with no family on their own. They orbit the Robinsons. Don pleads with her to stop talking, telling her that they're nothing alike. He says there's one big difference: if they make it to civilization, he's going to work and she's going to jail. She asks if this is really so. She sighs, asking him how his superiors would feel if they knew that when they first met, he was trying to steal a Jupiter. Instead of doing his job to repair the Resolute, he was running away. She says they may be able to overlook that, but she's a criminal and he aided and abetted her escape. He points out that he didn't know she was a criminal. She says that he saw her squeeze into a spacesuit that clearly wasn't her size. He can tell himself what he wants, but deep down, he knew and they don't let accomplices have their jobs back. He tells her she's lucky he can't move. She tells him that if they make it back to civilization, there'll be trouble headed her way, and she expects his cooperation. She expects him to say that she is whoever she says she is. After all, they're blood brothers now.

Down below, Judy asks why they didn't tell her sooner that Maureen and Penny were in so much trouble. John tells her that she was helping Don and he didn't want to pull her away. She has a close call with the kelp and John tells her and Will to both head up top, but she protests, saying it'll go much faster with all of them. He says it's too dangerous and she asks him to not treat her like a kid. He tells her that he's not, he's treating her like a doctor, the only one they have. If anything happens, they're going to need her. She asks if she trusts him to save people's lives, but not to help him. He tells her it's about being smart and demands that she and Will go. So, they do. Will tells her that John will be okay. Judy, however, heads back down, but he runs to her, warning her to get back up. He too climbs the ladder as the Chariot is ejected down below. Maureen asks if they had trouble getting it out, but John tells her it was nothing they couldn't handle. Maureen tells him that once the lightning hits, he needs to lift off, as there's no telling how long the Jupiter can withstand that kind of strike. The Chariot descends along the cable, but comes to a stop. Maureen asks why it stopped and John tells her it's the end of the cable. She asks if he's sure and he agrees that he is, saying that it was her that said there was enough. She replies that there should have been, but the Jupiter might have shifted, or the cable got caught on something. They hear thunder - meaning the lightning is coming in.

Maureen says that they don't have time to figure it out, they just have to get up to the Chariot. John asks how they can when it has to be at least 30 feet. Then, she says that Penny figured it out. The rigging from the sails is 30 feet. Back inside, Don tells Smith that it doesn't matter what he says or who he says it to, she still has to deal with the Robinsons. She tells him to let her worry about them. He says he's been living with them for seven months and knows exactly what they think about her. She replies that she doesn't need all of them, just one. He laughs, asking if divide and conquer is her plan. He tells her it won't happen, and she doesn't need a book to tell her that. Despite their differences or their disagreements, when the rubber meets the road, this family sticks together. As he talks to her, Maureen and Penny work to assemble the rigging to reach the Chariot. He tells her that she can go ahead and blackmail him. It doesn't matter if he has her back, because the Robinsons never will. She replies that they'll see about that.

Maureen and Penny struggles to finish as an automated voice warns them of an atmospheric event in 90 seconds. John tells Maureen to talk to him and she tells him they're getting there. They climb. Penny struggles and Maureen tells her she knows they can make it. Inside the Jupiter, the others strap in. As the lightning interferes with the radio, Will says that he wants to go check on Maureen and Penny. John orders him to strap in, promising that they'll be there. Maureen and Penny make it inside the Chariot and Penny asks why the doors are taking so long. Maureen admits that she didn't read Penny's book. Penny nods, saying that she knows. Maureen promises that she will, first thing, once they're out of this. They hug as the lightning strikes. The ship powers up from the lightning and they take off. They reel in the Chariot, but still get no comm response. With the oxygen restored, they set the autopilot and head for the Chariot. It is badly charred, but John gets it open. He asks if Maureen and Penny if they're okay and Maureen comments that the island they left isn't looking so bad right now. Judy tells John that she's sorry, but she's 19 and she can handle a lot more than he's letting her. He tells her that the thing is that part of being an adult is realizing that just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should. She asks if this includes putting a mast on top of a Jupiter. He grins at her.

Will stares at the alien engine, asking if anyone else hears what he hears. He says that he's been hearing a certain sound all day. Suddenly, what looks like the Robot's arm appears from the engine and claws towards Will. Everyone shouts at him to get down and John asks what it's doing there. Will says that it's from when they were attacked by the SAR. John asks what a "SAR" is and Will, Penny and Judy all recite in unison "Second Alien Robot." John says that it in his defense, they have been attacked by a lot of these robots. Maureen says that all of this time, it's been in there. Judy says that it must have been stuck and jarred loose when they flooded the garage. Will asks if it's been alive the whole time or if something turned it on. Maureen says that it could have been the metal in the trench, that there were glyphs in it that looked like the markings on the Robot and his ship. Will thinks that whoever made the Robot must have made the trench as well. Penny asks if that's good or bad, that she can't tell the difference anymore. Will says that they should go back down and study the glyphs, but Maureen takes his arm, saying that they're getting as far away from there as possible. They have bigger problems than the Robot, like how many more of them are out there. John tells them all to get upstairs to prep for orbit.

In the medbay, Don is complaining to Judy, telling her that the way it normally works is that when you launch someone announces that you're about to take-off, so strap in. Smith tells Judy that they were fine and to not listen to him. He shoots back that she was fine, but he couldn't hold on. He wobbles his arms, saying it's like he got flippers. Penny tells him he's welcome back, that he's in recovery. She walks away and Smith follows, telling her that her memoir is nice work. Penny asks if she really read it and she replies that of course she did - "Didn't everybody?" Penny asks if she had a favorite part and she says that there was a line, "The irony of all this is I almost died trying to get somewhere I never even wanted to go." Smith tells her the words really stuck with her. She asks if it's true that she never wanted to leave Earth and Penny replies that it doesn't really matter anymore. Smith tells her that if of course does, asking if she ever considered just staying behind, that she always struck her as a girl who could take care of herself. Penny starts to reply that her family would never let her and Smith says that she also strikes her as a girl who doesn't always need permission. She tells her to go on and get some rest, asking if she minds holding on to the memoir, as it's the only thing onboard she hasn't read three times. Penny agrees, thanking her for reading it.

Will sits down in his room and stares at the Robot figure. Penny tells him she brought him something and hands him a wrist device. He tells her he has one and she says that it's Maureen's. He asks why she's giving it to him and she tells him that Maureen took a couple pictures of the symbols in the trench. She figured he'd want to see him. He thanks her, surprised, and she says that he published her book, which is worth a little petty larceny. She starts to leave, but he calls her back, saying that if the Robot can't find them, he's going to find him instead. She smiles at him, agreeing that's good. On the bridge, John and Maureen stare at the planet below. John asks Maureen if she has any idea what he's looking at and she tells him she's working on it. An alert sounds in the distance and he asks what it is. They examine a console, which is indicating a large object. Maureen thinks it could be a meteor. John says to let him guess, that it's heading straight towards them. She says that it isn't. The others come to look, and Maureen says that it's not an alarm, it's an audio signature, a sonic watermark. This one belongs to the Resolute. Everyone cheers. Maureen says it's not close, but they can get there. She tells everyone to strap in, as they have a lot to do. In a room, Smith takes a piece of the toxic kelp and places it inside her copy of Penny's memoir.


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  • This is the first of several episodes of the second season which do not feature Brian Steele as The Robot.
  • The wreckage of the mast can be seen in the trench before the mast falls.

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