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The Resolute was a colony ship appearing on Netflix's Lost in Space constructed by the US government. Its primary mission was to carry passengers from Earth to Alpha Centauri. The ship was destroyed in Ninety-Seven, when it collided with a piece of itself that had previously broken off. The Commanding Officer was Captain Radic and later Captain Kamal. A replacement ship, the Solidarity, is later built in orbit of Alpha Centauri.


The Resolute was a very large spacecraft capable of Faster-than-Light travel. It was used to transport colonists from Earth to the colony on Alpha Centauri. The craft was made of several rings attached to each other via a core structure. The rings were equipped with docking stations for the Jupiter spacecraft which were used to transport colonists and crew to and from the Resolute.

The Resolute was constructed as part of the Alpha Centauri Colonist Program. The Resolute used an engine and control system grafted from an Alien Spacecraft, which made it capable of FTL Travel. This information was kept under wraps, and only known to a few members of the design team and crew. It had no self-destruct sequence.[1]. Its numerical identification was 6121916.[2].


As the Resolute was designed for long-term habitation during the trip from Earth to Alpha Centauri, it was equipped with hundreds of Amenities and Systems to improve the lives of the Colonists and Crew. These include:

  • The Bridge: This area was the main control room for the entire ship, it had the all the major systems contained within it. From this area, the Captain could control nearly every aspect of the ship.
  • Engine Room: Unbeknownst to many, the engine room contained the Alien Engine which enabled FTL Travel, and was also the area where Scarecrow was contained. Penny and Will Robinson discovered that the door to the engine room created a powerful electro-static charge, which allowed their hair to stand up straight.
  • Classrooms: Due to the long period of time which people were on-board, the Resolute had classrooms where the children of the Colonists and Crew would continue schooling until they reached Alpha Centauri. It is not known precisely how many classrooms there were.
  • Dining Hall: The Resolute had at least one dining hall where Colonists and Crew received and ate their daily meals.
  • Offices: The Resolute had offices for high-level crew, and professional Colonists. At one point, June Harris (under the false name Dr. Zoe Smith) used one of these offices while posing as a psychologist.
  • Security Station: The Resolute had at least one security station where CCTV feeds were monitored, and where Colonists presumably received their implanted RFID chips, which allowed them to move around the ship.
  • Maintenance Hall: The Resolute had at least one maintenance hall with Maintenance Pods designed to fix damage on the exterior of the ship.
  • Interrogation Room: The Resolute had at least one Interrogation Room where people could be held for questioning and detention.
  • Jupiter Docking Stations: As the Resolute was made to carry the Jupiter spacecraft from Earth to Alpha Centauri, the outer rings were equipped with docking stations to allow for seamless transfer between the Resolute and the Jupiter.

The Resolute had many other amenities and areas on board, although many have not been shown.

Security, Safety, and Life Support

The Resolute had robust security, safety, and life support systems, designed to keep passengers and crew safe and comfortable. Each Colonist and Crew Member had an RFID chip implanted in their wrist to uniquely identify them, which allowed them to enter and exit certain areas by waving their wrist over a sensor. Certain areas were not accessible to Colonists, and as such their chip would not grant them access. Don West attempted to bypass one of these sensors to gain access to a Jupiter during the First Attack, although he was interrupted by June Harris before he could finish, and so it is not known whether it was possible to bypass the sensors.

During an emergency that requires an evacuation, the Resolute went into an emergency mode that unlocked and opened most doors. The main lights also switched off, and an alarm would blare. This system was activated during the First Attack. The Safety Systems onboard the Resolute were designed by the engineers Maureen Robinson, Gregory Clarke, Ann Papajohn, and Neil Westlake. Each engineer had a unique code which allowed for almost unrestricted control over the ship's systems, including airlocks, bulkheads, and door locks. Ostensibly these codes were only used to test the Safety Systems, although because they were so powerful, they were ripe for abuse. Alistair Hastings obtained the codes as payment from Maureen Robinson, and he used them to take control of the ship, nearly killing Don West and Ava.

The Resolute had an extensive Life Support system, which was able to recycle the air and use water stored in large bladders to create new oxygen. The Resolute also had localized artificial gravity and advanced climate control systems. Although these systems could not be disabled, it was possible (using the Security Codes) to make certain areas of the ship uninhabitable by use of the airlocks and bulkheads.


Prior to Lost In Space:

Sometime before the events of "Impact", an asteroid struck the Earth and caused major devastation worldwide. It was later discovered that the "Christmas Star" was in fact an Alien Spacecraft. After the impact, the Alpha Centauri Colonist Program was established, and construction of the Resolute began. The Resolute was constructed around the Alien Spacecraft, and the captured robot Scarecrow was forced to operate the ship.

Prior to the events of the Series, the Resolute had made at least 23 successful trips to Alpha Centauri, and the colonists aboard had created a presence on the planet.

24th Colonist Group Leaves Earth:

At the beginning of the 24th Colonist Mission, June Harris snuck onboard using her sisters' RFID chip. She was apprehended by a crew member, who had presumably been having an affair with Jessica Harris. The crew member quickly realized that June had come in her sister's place, and threatened to report her. During a struggle, the crew member's RFID chip unlocked a door leading to an airlock, and he was trapped. He begged June to abort the countdown and let him out, but she did not, and he was ejected into space.

This was captured on CCTV and June was taken in for questioning with Captain Radic. During their interrogation, Radic was pulled away due to a breach, and June was left alone in the interrogation room.

First Alien Attack:

At the same time as June was being interrogated, Will's Robot had boarded the ship to retrieve the Alien Engine and Scarecrow, who had been stolen by the colonists. Several Colonists and Crew Members were killed during the attack. As a result of the Attack, the Resolute went into Emergency Mode and the door to the interrogation room was opened. June Harris was able to escape custody by stealing the jacket of Zachary Smith, using the RFID chip on his jacket to unlock his Jupiter.

When June reached the Jupiter, Don West and Tam Roughneck were at the door attempting to bypass the security sensor. Once June unlocked the ship, she took the two mechanics with her onto the Jupiter.

At the same time, the Robinson's and many other families boarded their Jupiters, and undocked from the Resolute to await the all clear. At this time, the Alien Engine opened a wormhole, and Jupiter 2 was sucked through into an orbit around the Unknown Planet, subsequently Will's Robot guided the Resolute to the Unknown Planet.

Events of Lost In Space Season 1:

Upon exiting the wormhole, the damaged Resolute settles into an orbit around the Unknown Planet and the Jupiters that had previously detached from the Resolute began their descent onto the planet. Many Crew Members and Colonists remained aboard the Resolute, and helped to repair it, so that it might continue on its way to Alpha Centauri. Captain Radic made daily broadcasts to any survivors on the planet, although unbeknownst to the crew, they were unable to receive transmissions, as the Resolute's Communications Satellite had been ripped off during the attack, and had crashed on the Unknown Planet.

After the colonists on the planet discovered this, they attempted to draw the Resolute's attention via a high-power light beam, although this was destroyed by a creature before the Resolute could see it.

After several more days, it was discovered by the Resolute's Crew that there was a black hole in the star system, and they made a final broadcast to the planet, warning any survivors to leave the planet within 24 hours. Once the Survivors were finally able to leave the planet, Victor Dhar made Captain Radic wait for the Robinsons. As the Jupiter 2 approached the Resolute, the Alien Engine connected itself to the Jupiter engines, and hijacked it. Another wormhole was opened and the Jupiter 2 was sucked through, followed by the Resolute.

Following this, the SAR and Will's Robot collided with the Resolute, and a fight broke out, resulting in the release of Scarecrow. The entire Resolute was evacuated, and effectively abandoned for 7 Months.

Events of Lost In Space Season 2:

The Robinson's did not initially know that the Resolute had followed them through the second Wormhole, and so they had landed on the Methane Planet and camped out for several months there. They were eventually able to leave the planet, and found that the Resolute was in orbit around another planet.

When they initially docked with the Resolute, they did not believe anything to be wrong, although they quickly realised that it had been abandoned, and upon inspection of the Ship's Log, they found that the last entry had been made 7 months earlier. Shortly following this, they encountered the Scarecrow roaming the ship, and using one of their radios, trapped it inside the Engine Room.

Shortly before this, June Harris escaped the Jupiter 2 and made her way to the Security Station. She was able to alter records that incriminated her, and had an RFID chip inserted into her wrist that identified her as Dr. Zoe Smith, a psychologist, and gave her almost complete access to every area of the ship.

With the Scarecrow once again in captivity, a skeleton crew was able to return to the Resolute and begin the work of making it flight ready again. At this point, Ben Adler explained to John and Maureen Robinson that the Scarecrow had been forced to operate the Resolute for all 24 missions.

Shortly after this, Director Hastings boarded the Resolute and explains that the SAR took the alien engine from the Resolute during the Second Attack. Maureen Robinson offered Hastings the alien engine aboard the Jupiter 2. At the same time, Captain Radic took June Harris back into custody, and interrogated her again. She maintained that she had no idea what he was talking about, and that she was in fact Dr. Zoe Smith. June then took a piece of kelp from the Methane Planet that she kept in her copy of Penny's book, and used it to illicit an allergic reaction in Captain Radic, effectively putting him into a coma.

Due to his incapacitation, June was effectively given a clean slate, because the only people aboard that knew her true identity were Captain Radic and Penny Robinson. Command of the ship was handed to Captain Kamal.

On the Amber Planet, water was being collected to refuel the Resolute's Life Support Systems, which required water to create oxygen. It is soon revealed that the planet is rife with a Rust Virus, which causes metals and alloys to rust at an advanced rate, causing several Chariots and a Water Pump to fall apart. All travel to the Resolute is halted, although by this time it is too late, as the Virus was carried aboard by an injured Crew Member.

This caused one of the sections of the Resolute to begin rusting at a very fast rate, and Penny Robinson, Vijay Dhar, Dr Smith, and Mr. Jackson became trapped in a classroom within the infected section. Running the risk of the ship losing structural integrity, Captain Kamal decided to use explosives to detach the infected section from the ship before it could spread. Originally, she was going to sacrifice the four trapped Colonists, although Don West was able to convince her otherwise by admitting to his smuggling, and he was able to rescue them all inside an airtight container. With the infection gone, limited travel between the planet and the Resolute commenced.

Shortly following this, Maureen, Ben, and Will returned to the Resolute with Will's Robot, and John returned with Judy for further medical treatment. The water collected on the planet was contaminated with the Rust Virus, and so could not be used in the Life Support Systems. John and Captain Kamal discuss the decontamination process for the water collected on the planet, but were interrupted when the Resolute picked up a signal that matched that of the other Alien Spacecraft, and Kamal seemed very concerned and ends their conversation.

John and Dr Smith then teamed up to get information from Hastings, and Dr Smith learned that Hastings was planning to leave the system with only the people currently aboard, due to the limited water supply, and the lack of time to decontaminate the water collected on the planet.

The Robinson's, alongside several allies, planed and staged a mutiny to stop the Resolute from leaving. They moved the Resolute into an orbit around a gas giant containing a large amount of Ammonium, which had been proven to destroy the Rust Virus, and large quantities of it were needed to decontaminate all of the water. The Resolute was not designed to enter any atmosphere having been built in space, but Maureen and the other Mutineers dive the Resolute into the gas giant's Ammonium rich band, and begin to collect it through large intake valves.

Hastings then revealed that he was the person who Maureen traded with in order to get Will into the Colonist Program, and it is revealed that she traded the Security Codes of all four Safety Engineers. He threatened to open the Airlock to the Life Support Area, killing the Mechanics working to ensure the Ammonium went straight into the water storage bladders to decontaminate it. When Maureen didn't respond, he opened the airlock, nearly killing Don West and Ava who managed to stay alive using their air masks.

Maureen is forced to abandon the the bridge, and use one of the Maintenance Pods to close the airlock manually from the outside, and thus the mutiny fails. However, by this time Captain Kamal realised that Maureen's plan will work, and so despite the protests of Director Hastings, she continues to collect the Ammonium and decontaminate the water.

Following this, Hastings attempted to murder John and Maureen who were both in Maintenance Pods outside the Resolute. Although he believed he had succeeded, John and Maureen were able to get back onboard, and they were hidden by their Children. The kids then pulled off a shell game, using the severed arm of the SAR to allow Will and his Robot to take the Scarecrow down to the Amber Planet. Will is stopped by Ben Adler, who eventually gave in and helped Will take Scarecrow down to the planet to fix him, although Will's Robot is captured during the escape.

Hastings immediately hooked Will's Robot up to the Torture Device, and attempted to get it to pilot the Resolute to Alpha Centauri, although he is stopped by Maureen, John, and Don who then took control of the Resolute. With most of the Colonists being shuttled back to the Resolute, the crew prepared to leave, when it was noticed that one more Jupiter was incoming, with another unidentified ship behind it. The final Jupiter had Will and Victor Dhar on it, who were being chased by another Alien Spacecraft.

It was then decided that the 97 children aboard the Resolute and Judy would leave in a Jupiter powered by the Alien Engine. As they left, more and more robots arrived, and so the other passengers and crew scattered about the star system, while John and Maureen stayed behind to destroy the Resolute.

Destruction of the Resolute:

John and Maureen, using the Security Codes, changed the Resolute's orbit so that it would collide with the section that had been previously blown off, and they were promptly picked up by Don West in Jupiter 2. The Resolute then collided with the section and was completely destroyed. Wreckage from the ship landed on the rainforest planet and was scavenged by the adults for resources.

A year later, the kids returned to rescue their parents in the Fortuna and the colonists were finally able to reach Alpha Centauri. Some time later, following the end of the war with the Robots, the Solidarity is constructed in orbit of Alpha Centauri as a replacement for the Resolute.

Crew of the Resolute

The Resolute had a very large Crew, needed to operate the massive ship, they are as follows:

Crew of the Resolute
Name Job Type Status
Captain Radic Commanding Officer Alive
Captain Kamal Commanding Officer Alive
Officer Alistair Hastings Intelligence Officer Dead, on Alpha Centauri
Ben Adler Deputy Direct of Advanced Systems Dead, on the Amber Planet
Don West Maintenance Worker, Smuggler Alive
Ava Head of Maintenance Alive
Tam Roughneck Maintenance Worker Dead, on the Unknown Planet
Victor Dhar District Representative Alive
Samantha's Father Security Officer Dead, in Space

There are certainly many other crew aboard the Resolute, although as of Season 2, they have not been mentioned or featured.

Passengers of the Resolute

Passengers of the Resolute
Name Jupiter Number Profession (if known) Status
Maureen Robinson Jupiter 2 Engineer Alive
John Robinson Jupiter 2 Navy SEAL (formerly) Alive
Judy Robinson Jupiter 2 Doctor Alive
Penny Robinson Jupiter 2 Writer, Student Alive
Will Robinson Jupiter 2 Discoverer Alive
Victor Dhar Jupiter 4 District Representative Alive
Prisha Dhar Jupiter 4 Unknown Alive
Vijay Dhar Jupiter 4 Student Alive
Hiroki Watanabe Jupiter 11 Exobiologist Alive
Naoko Watanabe Jupiter 11 Pilot Alive
Aiko Watanabe Jupiter 11 Unknown Alive
Isabel Azevedo Jupiter 30 Unknown Alive
Aubrey Azevedo Jupiter 30 Unknown Alive
Elise Azevedo Jupiter 30 Student Alive
Connor Jupiter Unknown Unknown Alive
Evan Jupiter Unknown Electrician Dead, on the Unknown Planet
Kai (Brother of Evan) Jupiter Unknown Unknown Alive
Diane Jupiter Unknown Unknown Alive?
Angela Goddard Jupiter Unknown Scientist (Biologist?) Alive
Josh Goddard Jupiter Unknown Musician (Cellist) Dead, on the Resolute
Holly Jupiter Unknown Astronaut Alive
Samantha Jupiter Unknown Student Alive
June Harris Jupiter 2 (formerly) Career Criminal, Psychologist Alive
Jessica Harris Jupiter 93 (Never boarded) Physicist Alive on Earth
Dr. Zachary Smith Jupiter 18 Pediatrician Dead, on the Resolute (presumed)

There are most certainly many other passengers aboard the Resolute, although as of Season 2, they have not been mentioned or featured.



  • The Resolute was built in orbit around Earth.
  • The Resolute was constructed around the Alien Spacecraft, which allowed it to travel faster than the speed of light.
  • In the episode "Run", Penny Robinson and Vijay Dhar go to the Resolute's trash compactor, which then starts and nearly crushes them. This is in homage to the trash compactor scene from A New Hope.


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