Shipwrecked is the season premiere and first episode of the second season of Netflix's Lost in Space. It premiered on Netflix on December 24, 2019.


Seven months later, marooned on a watery planet, the Robinsons make a risky bid to power up their Jupiter. And, Will vows to track down the Robot.[1]


The crew of the Resolute watch as the Jupiter 2 is sucked into a vortex. They declare that they have lost contact with the Robinsons, but track an unknown object, which turns out to be the Robot and the Second Alien Robot tumbling through space, fighting each other. The two crash into the Resolute.

It is now seven months later. Will Robinson awakes with a start. He gets out of bed and considers a shelf on which he has a toy version of the Robot. He takes a lantern and heads through a corridor of the Jupiter 2 with his father, John, into a greenhouse area. He comments that the new potassium ratio seems to be working out and John agrees that it is. He and John don their helmets and head outside. They are surrounded by water.

John asks Will if he thinks what they're doing will work and he says it's worth a try. Back inside the Jupiter 2, Maureen writes something down. She stares at some wires snaked into the Jupiter systems and says "Wake up." Penny shouts for her. Upstairs, Will and John reveal their "top secret project." They've created Christmas decorations using glowing moss from the shore. The glow reminds Penny and Judy of the glow on the Robot's face. Don West joins them and they hand out presents. Don gives John and Maureen a bottle of whiskey. Will opens his present. It turns out to be a key. John tells him that it's time that he learned how to drive and he couldn't exactly wrap the Chariot. Penny points out that he doesn't exactly need the key to drive, or lessons, or permission.

Will presents a gift that he says is for Penny, though he starts handing around bound books to everyone except her. She asks how it's for her if everyone but her gets one. He finally hands her one. It's Lost in Space, a memoir that she wrote and he decided to publish. She asks if they're really doing this, and he reads an excerpt from the book. In it, Penny speaks of her fear of space and how she needs to learn things for herself. From the room in which she is imprisoned, "Dr. Smith" speaks of how during World War I, there was one Christmas where the French and the Germans decided to stop shooting one another and celebrate together. "Peace on Earth," she says. Maureen tells her they're not on Earth. Just then, the vessel's breach alarm sounds.

They discover that a rock was blown at the vessel. They agree that the monsoon season is about to start, though this could be a good thing, as there'll be fewer rocks blowing at them when the wind's blowing from the sea. Don comments that it's ironic that they were marooned on the last planet because they were out of fuel and on this planet they have fuel for air, but no way to use it. John takes Will for the promised driving lesson. Will is a bit reluctant at first, but John has him give it more acceleration, getting a feel for the machine. Penny, outside, comments that she'll race him. They argue over Will not wanting to hit anything, even though there's nothing to hit. Don comments that Will is like him, appreciating the benefits of a cautious approach. They set up solar panels and Judy asks how many of them it's going to take for them to generate enough energy to actually take off. Don tells her she's going to have to ask her mother, who's probably still looking for a way to get them out of there.

Penny pays a visit to "Dr. Smith." Smith asks her what she got her for Christmas and Penny shows her a pair of handcuffs. Smith gripes that it's what she gives her every day. Penny replies that she did this to herself and cuffs her. They head to the greenhouse area, where Smith comments that Penny's mother must trust her a lot to give her such an important job as looking after her. Penny agrees snarkily that it's right up with mopping the floor and cleaning out the carbon tarps. Smith calls her undervalued and asks about the new patch, saying that she wants to know how safe she is. Penny tells her she's as safe as she was yesterday.

Maureen and Will observe a remote lightning storm. Will's amazed that it happens like clockwork every 23 days, asking how it's possible. Maureen tells him of a remote spot in Venezuela where there are lightning storms 265 days of the year. The others, save Smith, watch the phenomenon as well. Back inside, John and Maureen watch the kids and Don doing a puzzle. He tells her it was a good day and she tells him that she's been thinking about the lightning. With it, they could recharge the batteries and jumpstart the Jupiter. They could get off the planet. She tells him that they don't have to fly. He considers what she's telling him and calls it crazy. He asks why she's bringing it up now and she tells him that the winds are changing and they have a window. If they miss it, it'll be another year. He says she's speaking of the thing in the garage and she tells him it brought them halfway across the universe and is the only way they'll get to Alpha Centauri. He says he thought she'd given up it and she replies that it's just asleep. The last time it worked was in space, and they just need to re-create that. He asks what would happen if she still can't figure it out. She says that there are four other planets in the system and one of them might be better. He tells her that he's not risking the lives of their kids because things may be better. Sometimes, you have to appreciate what you've got. She replies that they'll never meet anyone new, anyone to challenge them, or to fall in love with. They would never have what she and John hae. She tells him that they have to at least try to leave. He apologizes, saying that it's too dangerous. He kisses her, telling her that they'll revisit this in a year.

While they're sleeping, an alarm goes off. The seal in the greenhouse has bust again. John goes to patch it and his family shouts in panic, as he is not protected from the toxic gases that are rapidly coming in. He struggles and they shout at him to get out of there. Don comes in, wearing a spacesuit. He pulls him away, telling him he has to go. He pulls him back inside the ship. His hands are badly blistered. A bit later, they go in to assess things. The patch has completely given way and all of their plants are dead. Will asks how they're going to fix this and Maureen tells him it'll be difficult. John says that they're leaving. He tells Maureen to tell everyone her plan.

They execute the plan. Will narrates for a recording that he's making a record because it seems they're the first humans to try and turn a spaceship into a sailboat. Working together, they erect a sail. Maureen tells the group that by historic standards it's an easy journey and she's hoping to achieve a speed of four to five knots. At a hundred nautical miles per day, it'll be a two-day trip. They discuss the terrain, and an archipelago they must avoid. Maureen declares John the captain, as he's spent half his life on boats. He says that they've been just a family for a while now, and they now have to remember how to be a crew.

Will spends some time practicing tying knots. He talks with Maureen, saying that if they get the Robot engine going, it can take them anywhere. Maureen replies that it should take them directly to the colony on Alpha Centauri. He tells her that he's not going without the Robot. She asks how they would even know where to look for the Robot, that he didn't leave them anything to follow. He says that maybe he did, and it's out there in space.

Don West sits with his chicken, Debbie, asking how come "she" (referring to Penny) wrote more about her than him and tells the chicken she can't have any of his alcohol. Penny visits Judy, who tells her that she made her look good in her memoir. Penny calls it "artistic license" and she says that it's been a while since she did anything worth writing about. She tells Penny that she's been working her whole life for the opportunity to do something that actually matters and growing the perfect ear of corn isn't it. Penny tells her that she would have stayed and Judy replies that wanting to stay is different than being afraid to go. She says she doesn't want to go through it again, having to wonder if someone is going to save her life, or she'll have to save theirs. She just wants things to be normal. Judy tells her they just have to find it. Judy tells her that John read the memoir all in one sitting. She asks about Maureen's copy and Judy says she's sure she'll get around to it. Penny pays a visit to "Dr. Smith," who tells her that she's a pretty good sailor herself. Penny tells her she'll keep it in mind.

Don takes the helm. He says it's the last chance, asking Maureen if she's sure the ship will float. "She'll float," promises Maureen. They set sail. John instructs everyone in the use of the halyards, or ropes, to navigate the ship. Don tells Maureen that he has to hand to her for thinking of almost everything. Over a jukebox, he plays the song "Celebrate." Will gets into sailing, but Penny gets seasick. She hears a knocking from "Dr. Smith" and tells her she's not in the mood. Smith tells her to put an earplug in one ear, that it always works for her. Penny tells her that she's not vomiting out of her ear and Smith replies that it'll help with the motion sickness. So, Penny does so and finds, to her pleasure, that it works. Maureen asks John to increase speed, saying that she thinks there's a monsoon developing behind them, one they don't want any part of. Penny arrives, offering her a tomato. Maureen comments that she's feeling better and she tells her of Smith's earplug trick. She's annoyed, telling Penny that she shouldn't listen to anything Smith says. She tells Penny to not let her get in her head and Penny points out that if not for the earplug, she would still be vomiting. Maureen thinks maybe she shouldn't be spending so much time with her. She leaves and returns to Smith with a meal. Smith thanks her and Penny thanks her in return for the tip about the earplug. Smith looks out the window and sees something troubles her.

She shouts to Penny to stop the ship, to tell her father to loft the sails. It is too late, though. They hit something and crash. They have a meeting and John says they always knew it was risky. Penny asks if they're stuck and he agrees that they are. Don arrives, saying that they caught a break. The hull is intact, but it would be best if they didn't hit anything again. Will comments that the pressure's dropped a lot lower and Don asks if everyone else knows what that means. Judy replies that the monsoon's coming. Don says that if they're still there when the monsoon hits, the ship will completely crack apart, or at least a little. Maureen says she'll figure it out and John has them go up on deck to draw in the sails.

Smith knocks on her window and Maureen tells her to just hold it if she has to go to the bathroom. She replies that she knew that they were going to hit the reef, that she could see the cross-currents. A good sailor can do that. Maureen asks where she learned to sail, telling her that she doesn't believe a word she says. Smith tells her to ask Penny, that she can be useful. Maureen turns away, telling her she's not getting out, no matter how hard she tries. Don pays a visit to the ship's carbon dioxide removal assembly, or "Ceedra," telling her that she needs to hold on just a while longer. He asks his chicken, Debbie, if she can believe he's sweet-talking a carbon dioxide removal assembly. She clucks and he comments that now he's talking to a machine and a chicken. He says he really needs to get out of there.

Will looks outside and sees glowing lights. They appear to be the lights of the Robot. Penny and Judy race over in excitement, asking if Will called him there to help them. Unfortunately, though, it's not the Robot, just glowing see creatures. Will is disappointed and Penny tells him that she thought it was the Robot too. John meets with Maureen, telling her that he's been talking to Don. They think they can scrape together enough power for a two-second burn, which might be enough to push them clear. She smiles, saying "That's it." He asks if that's really the answer and she replies that him and Don are the answer. They use the ship's pop-outs as a means to lever themselves off the reef. It works. The ship is freed, but the monsoon is still coming. As they reef the sails, John tells them that they're just going to have to weather the storm as best they can. Don announces that they have a problem. When they hit the reef, they sprung a leak. It's dripping into Ceedra. Maureen points out that if it shorts out, they're dead. Don agrees that he likes breathing as much as she does. She asks if he can patch it and he replies that he's working on it and she just needs to promise that they won't hit anything else. She does.

The group finishes their work on deck and moves to head below, but Will ends up getting knocked around and nearly falls off the edge of the ship. John rescues him, but is injured. He is taken down belowdecks, but insists he needs to get back up. Everyone shouts to Maureen to guidance, but not knowing anything about sailing, she doesn't know what to do. She opens the door to Smith's cabin, asking if she really knows how to sail. Smith exits, telling her that they're wasting time. Maureen warns her that if it's another lie, it'll be her last. They head on their way and Penny calls it a sign of the Apocalypse. They head out on deck and Maureen asks Smith what they need to do. Smith tells her to raise the sails. Maureen protests that they just brought them down. Smith says that they need speed. Maureen tells her that they're too close to the rocks and they need to go around. Smith replies that they can't, that they must go through. Smith demands that they raise the sails, so they do.

John comms Maureen, asking what's happening, that they're picking up speed. She replies that she knows and he tells her to be careful. She tells him that they're way past that, but she appreciates the sentiment. Down below, John tells Will that he trusts his mom, and Will points out that she's not in charge anymore. Maureen tells John that they need to shift the weight. John decides to use the Chariot because it weighs two tons, but gets injured again on the way there. He tells Will that he's going to have to do it. He warns Will that the turn radius is tight, so he'll have to floor it. He says that he'll crash and John agrees that he will. He warns him to put his seatbelt on. Outside, Judy shouts that they're not going to make it. Will rams the Chariot and they manage to make it through the rocks. Smith calls it the power of teamwork. Maureen says that she actually does know how to sail and she comments that she does sometimes actually tell the truth.

Down below, John finds Will, asking him if he's okay. He asks what happened and Will replies, chuckling, that he gave it gas. Everyone congratulates each other and commiserates. Don reports happily that he repaired Ceedra. Maureen calls it nice work and Don says that they should all remember the moment in case Maureen ever wants to yell at him again. Smith tells them that she's secured the deck. They stare at her, considering what to do. Maureen and Smith sit and take off their spacesuits. Maureen stares at Smith, whose hands are burned. Smith tells her that she knows what she's thinking - how did she get the burns? She suggests that perhaps the contamination of the greenhouse wasn't an accident. Perhaps somebody peeled off the patch on purpose. If, however, that was possible, it would mean that for the past seven months, she wasn't as locked up as Maureen thought. Someone like her, who's been incarcerated a few times, would be able to break out, come and go as she pleases, and Maureen would never know. If any of that were true, then Maureen would owe her, as they've both gotten everything they wanted. She continues that John was never going to leave the scrap of land they were on. She was the bad guy so Maureen didn't have to be. She comments that there's not much point in locking her up anymore.

Smith heads out to the others, asking them to let her help. She says that she's been freeloading for months eating their homegrown food. Don asks if she's part of the family now and Penny replies that it's less work for her. Don tells her to watch herself and she says she doesn't want trouble. She stares at a console and has a flashback to reading some schematics. Elsewhere, Will comments that he learned how to drive and that today, for the first time, he drove by himself. He crashed. The camera turns to show that he is talking to the toy figure of the Robot. He says he wishes he'd been there to see it. He says that everyone thinks the only reason he misses him is because he helps them out of trouble, but they do okay on their own. He just misses him because they're friends. He continues, narrating how they've been sailing across the ocean.

Outside, Maureen tells John that they made it and pretty soon they'll be off this planet. He tells her that he didn't want it all to end. She says that they're surrounded by water they can't drink and air they can't breathe. He replies that they made their home there, that they were all together again. She tells him that they're still together. He spots something in the distance. Maureen wonders if it's more shoals. Suddenly, the ship starts rumbling. He says they're caught in the current and need to slow down. Everyone wonders what they're looking at and John suddenly realizes - it's a waterfall. Everyone rushes to strap in, Don complaining that they should be able to get where they're going just once without crashing. Maureen shouts for everyone to hold on, that they're going over. They start to descend, but come to a sudden stop. Everyone takes their belts off. They head and see that they are actually at the edge of a cliff and there is some sort of metal construct below. Penny says "Well, we're here." John says that what they're seeing is too straight, that it can't be natural. Maureen agrees that somebody must have built it. "Who?" wonders Will.

Somewhere, on a wall, the Robot scratches out a glyph of the Jupiter 2 with its sails raised.


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  • Whereas Brian Steele appeared in the closing credits as guest cast in the program's first season for his role as The Robot, beginning with this installment he is listed as starring cast.

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