The Robot, Dr. Smith, and Will

Throughout the three seasons of Lost in Space the popular character of Dr. Smith would regularly hurl insults, colloquially known as "Smithisms," at any and all who dared challenge him. Smithisms would usually, but not always, consist of multi-word alliterative combinations, such as "Bubble-headed Booby", which Smith hurled frequently at the Robot. Smithisms also consisted of oft-used phrases or single words which were closely associated with the Dr. Smith character, such as "Oh, the pain!" The first season of Lost in Space primarily consisted of tamer Smithism, as the character of Dr. Smith was slowly being transformed from one of malevolence to one of comic relief. By seasons two and three Smithisms were used regularly and with great panache.

Smithisms, single and multi-word alliteratives (alphabetical)Edit

  • Bellicose Bumpkin
  • Blundering Bag of Bolts
  • Booby
  • Bubble-headed Booby
  • Cackling Clump
  • Cantankerous Clump
  • Computerized Clump
  • Digitized Dummy
  • Hopeless Heap of Tainted Tin
  • Ludicrous Lump
  • Mechanical Meddler
  • Mental Midget
  • Ninny
  • Tin-Plated Tintinnabulation
  • Tin-Plated Tyrant

Smithisms, phrases (alphabetical)Edit

  • Good Heavens!
  • My delicate back
  • Never fear, Smith is here!
  • Oh, the pain