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Space Spiders are six legged insects. Their origin is unknown but the crew of the Jupiter 2 discovered them aboard the Proteus. They can eat through metal and have a jagged-toothed maw. They are the only lifeforms known to humans that are silicon based. They have an admantium shell and have the same communication abilities as bees, and are known for being attracted to light and heat. The spiders will bite and/or eat Humans. If a human is bitten and not killed by a spider, he or she slowly turns into a hybrid spider/human as evidenced by Dr. Smith. They are also known to kill and eat others of their kind if they are wounded.

On the Proteus, the spiders incubated in egg sacs attached to walls, floors, etc.


  • Though these creatures are referred to as spiders they only have six legs which makes them insects rather than arachnids.