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  Will, Dr. Smith and the Robot are at their radio telescope installation some distance from the camp when a cosmic storm strikes. The mechanism is affected by the storm and they discover that they are able to see into another dimension, and perhaps even into the future.  When Dr. Smith looks, he sees Athena, whom they encountered earlier in outer space, and she sees him. When she appears, Smith flees, but later decides she might help him gain the ability to see into the future.

While Smith is trying to coax information from Athena by offering her sips of deutronium fuel, her jilted boyfriend Urso appears and challenges Smith to a duel to win her. When Urso meets Will, he changes the boy completely green. When Smith looks through the telescope again to divine the outcome of his duel with Urso, he sees the Robinsons holding a funeral and concludes that he will be killed.

Despite Smith’s fear of Urso, John insists that Smith meet with him and have the alien return Will to his normal state. Will, however, does not want Smith to die, and, resigned to his fate, asks Athena to intercede with Urso. She refuses, and Urso and Smith begin to fight. Only when it is apparent that Smith is Urso’s inferior does Athena intervene and end the combat. Before Urso and Athena return to their dimension, Urso returns Will to his former colour.

Background InformationEdit

  • Alien entrances and exits were most often done with a jump cut (making them instantly appear or disappear), sometimes accompanied by a spark and smoke bomb set off under the camera lens. For Athena, the production used dissolves to make her fade in and out, which were more expensive because they were optical effects.
  • Athena, the green woman from Wild Adventure makes her return.
  • If the Deutronium that Athena feeds on is a liquid that she drinks, why do the containers rattle?
  • When peeking into the future and seeing his funeral, Smith knows it is for him because he says “they’re all there but me.” However, Will and the Robot were not there.
  • It's understandable that John Robinson had to bury the broken part because it was radioactive, but why the human-sized grave? Why the little rocks as markers? Why did they give it a funeral service??
  • There’s a very confusing moment at the beginning of this episode. The green lady chases Smith back to the Jupiter 2. The very next day, his attitude toward her has completely changed. How did Doctor Smith know her name was Athena? Why did he stop being afraid of her? How does he figure she can help him see the future?
  • Harry Raybould played the part of Urso, who changes Will to green.