The Robinsons make contact with another family of survivors; Will Robinson races to protect his friend after Judy Robinson learns what happened aboard the Resolute and The Robot. "Dr. Smith" hatches a plan.


As John hammers a post into the ground, Will and The Robot approach. Will asks if he wants some help and when says that he's good, Will says that he really should let The Robot help. So, John agrees and The Robot finishes the job. Will asks what it's all for and John replies that it's a perimeter fence. Will notes that this one is not meant to keep out people. John tells him that he and his Mom will be heading out to check if anyone else has had better luck contacting the Resolute. He says the fence will keep Will safe, but Will says he already is with The Robot. John whispers that they don't know what The Robot is. Will points out that they also don't know anything about "Dr. Smith," but John isn't worried about her. John says it's different because she can't hammer metal stakes into the ground like toothpicks. He says they'll talk about it later, suggesting Will and his sisters start the Jupiter expansion protocols, as they might be there for a while.

A female voice narrating a video states "Welcome to Alpha Centauri. Welcome to your new life." She goes on, narrating the video. Penny, watching, comments on how the abs of everyone in the video are so well-defined. The video paints an idyllic picture of the future on the new planet, and the woman states "please begin expansion now." Penny suggests they get it over with. She gripes about having to do boring chores while their parents are out meeting survivors. "Oh, Judy, you should go too just in case someone needs you to do something heroic," she snips. She and Will nevertheless continue with the tasks. The computer states that there is an expansion failure. As it turns out, there is a large rock blocking the ship's expansion. Will pushes it away with the aid of The Robot and the ship expands. Will cheers and "Dr. Smith" says that it was really something. She says that The Robot never leaves Will's side and is very protective. She wishes she had a friend like that. She asks if Will has asked if there's anymore like him, but Will replies that he doesn't talk much. "Dr. Smith" comments that the lights in The Robot's face and the way they change say a lot, but they don't yet know how to hear him. She tells Will that it's part of her job as a therapist to read people. She suggests she could study him, but Will says it's okay. She replies that Will is protective of The Robot as well. She walks away and sighs.

John, Maureen and Judy ride the Chariot, John commenting that hopefully the radio in the Watanabe's Jupiter works better than theirs because they need to let the Resolute know their situation. Maureen contemplates the scenery, trying to get her bearings. John says not to say anything about The Robot and Maureen and Judy wonder why, given that Hiroki Watanabe is an exobiologist. John says that it's not Hiroki he's worried about, but who everyone talks to. They don't know how people will react. Maureen replies that the truth always comes out eventually. Outside of their Jupiter, Hiroki and a woman with him react to a bug on the ground. The woman thinks it's strange, but Hiroki thinks that it's very similar to those back on Earth in terms of its musculature and eating habits, as well as showing both a fear and pleasure reflex. He says that the universe is a big place and there are surely much stranger things. The Chariot of the Jupiter 2 arrive and Hiroki greets Maureen warmly. The woman asks if they've heard anything from the Resolute. Don is also with the group, along with Debbie the chicken. He asks which one of them is the doctor. He asks which one is the doctor. Judy says that she is, asking if the patient is inside. She heads for the ship as Don wonders at her age. He follows after her and she tells him that she can find her own way. He says that he's the one who saved the woman's life in case she was wondering who else around there saves lives. She replies that she wasn't really. She explains that he found the woman unconscious and that she's awake now, but it doesn't make much difference. Judy asks the woman for her name, but Don explains that she hasn't said a word. Judy tells the woman that she's been through a lot, that they all have. Elsewhere in the Jupiter, the Watanabes tell John and Maureen that they don't know anything else about what happened on the Resolute. Aiko Watanabe says that there are 63 survivors in all. They've now mapped the locations of 13 Jupiter spacecraft.

They found that the eels have attacked the other spacecraft as well and consumed the fuel, leaving them stranded. John points out a feature in the vessels' bathrooms that can recycle their body waste into fuel, but Maureen says it would take years for all of them to produce enough waste to get even a single spacecraft to launch. The group then receives a broadcast - Captain Radic from the Resolute. Naoko Watanabe tries to send a message to him, but the message simply continues, saying that they've sealed all leaks. John indicates a tablet, saying that while they said what's on it is Jupiter locations, one of them isn't a Jupiter. There's something else out there. In the infirmary, Judy examines the wounds underneath the bandages of the woman, Angela Goddard, promising that she won't hurt her. She gives her something for the pain. Angela whispers her name to Judy. Judy tells her it's nice to meet her. The group studies the tablet, saying that what they're seeing could be one of the outer storage modules of the Resolute. Maureen thinks they could find equipment to amplify their broadcasts and John agrees they should go take a look. Don gives them directions to find comm supplies and comes along with them.

On the Chariot, he chats with them about how great it was for them to bring him along and Maureen, tired of hearing him, comms Penny and Will. She tells Penny that they won't be back for a while and Penny asks when it is that she gets to get some fresh air. Maureen says that if she needs to leave the Jupiter to stay behind the fence and that Judy will be back to look after her. Penny bristles at needing a "babysitter," but Maureen signs off. Judy finishes banding up Angela and asks her what happened. Angela says that it was an attack, as Judy studies a strange wound or growth on her back. Angela tells her that it wasn't an accident, that the Resolute was attacked. Judy asks by who, then goes to speak with Naoko, asking where her parents are. Naoko explains Maureen's instructions and she walks off. Outside, Will draws a shape in the dirt and asks The Robot to guess who. There is no response and Will agrees that it's missing something. The Robot makes a drawing of his own, which looks like the number 8. Will guesses "a headless snowman with five dots." He narrates to a camera that it appears to be the first known work of art by an artificial intelligence of alien origin. He asks The Robot what he wants to call his masterpiece and he replies "Danger." He decides to try a game of tic-tac-toe as Judy arrives in the Chariot. She asks to talk to Will for a second, alone. Will stops The Robot and goes to meet her. He asks what's going on and she explains about Angela's account, that she said they were attacked by a thing with blades all over its skin and a glowing red face. She said it was like some kind of robot. Will stares and she comes to realization - he already knew. She stalks off, saying she's going to tell Mom and Dad. He tells her she can't and she replies that The Robot is dangerous. Will says that he's different and Judy replies that it's an "it."

Judy heads into the Jupiter 2, Will in hot pursuit. He shuts off the comms as Judy calls J2 to Chariot 11. Will talks with "Dr. Smith," telling her that he's going to gather more stuff, and he'll be safe with The Robot. He asks for a favor, and she knows that he means not to tell his parents. She tells him she was 11 once. He thanks her and leaves. She pulls something out from under her bed - a gun. She tucks in her holster, saying finders-keepers. Judy desperately tries to comm and grouses about it not working. Penny tells her that it's working fine, and is just resetting after the power spike. She says it takes about 30 minutes to come back on. She tells Judy that Will left and they hear an alarm indicating the perimeter fence is off. Will and The Robot head into the woods, Judy shouting after them. She begs him to wait, telling him that the reason the Resolute crashed is right next to him. She asks why this doesn't scare him and Will replies that The Robot has changed. He asks why she doesn't believe him and she tells him it's about protecting him. Will tells her that The Robot is. She asks what happens if it changes again, begging him to stop. He tells her that she always says that people deserve a second chance, and The Robot is more like them than she thinks. He tells her he's not crazy and that he knows he'll have to tell Dad the truth, but he wants to be the one to do it. Penny rushes up, asking if they realize they're on the wrong side of the fence. She asks if anyone's going to tell her what's going on.

Field of Flowers

The field of pink flowers

Meanwhile, John, Maureen and Don reach the area indicated on the map. Don says that he'd feel better if Debbie were there, explaining that she's his chicken. He says that any chicken that saves his life deserves a name. She has a locator chip on her ankle, which allowed the Watanabes to find him just before an entire desert of black death almost dumped on his head. He considers her a lucky chicken. The group reaches the wreckage, wondering what could have caused it to break off the Resolute. They find damage on it, with a pattern matching that of the growth on Angela. Penny and Judy discuss whether The Robot has really changed and just what they're doing. Judy tells Penny that their father knows how to handle a problem and will help when he knows what The Robot did. As they walk, they discover a strange group of flowers whose blooms open when Penny claps her hands. They all try it and then The Robot gives a massive clap and they are all surrounded by colorful blossoms. Then, there is a massive roar in the distance. "Danger, Will Robinson," says The Robot. As the group heads for a cave where Will intends to hide The Robot, a snarling creature stalks in the bushes. They run, then reach a cliff edge. They look around for The Robot and he pushes down a branch, giving them a path across. The creature roars, but The Robot imitates its sound and it flees. Back at the wreckage, nobody has had any luck finding anything useful, other than a bunch of coffee cups. Maureen asks Don what Alpha Centauri is like. He says that while it's billed as the promised land, they don't have everything, and she should adjust her expectations. John asks just what they don't have, and he says that for starters they don't have peat from the Orkney Islands. He says that the real problem is the people - that everyone thinks traveling millions of miles in space will make them so different, but whatever they're running away from on Earth, they're actually bringing with them.

Maureen says that she found something. Don tells her to wait a minute, that it might be what she thinks. She pulls it open to find crates labeled "Aberlach Whisky." Don tells her to not be angry, but this is his stuff. She asks if he's a smuggler and he calls that a "nasty word," that he's a "merchant of goods and products... and beverages." She's astonished that he would ditch the back-up frequency synthesizers for his stash. She sighs and heads outside for some air. Back in the wreckage, Don asks if in his experience she forgets about things quickly or if she stays mad. She calls John outside, telling him she's found the reason they haven't been able to hear the broadcasts. It's the wreckage of the Resolute's signal dish. Back in the wreckage, Don quips that the booze is on his. Meanwhile, "Dr. Smith" pursues the kids and The Robot, who have reached a steam and waterfall. The Robot claps and seems confused when nothing happens, leading Will to explain that there aren't flowers everywhere. Judy smiles at the interaction, but tells Will that they need to get to the cave. As they discuss lodging arrangements at Alpha Centauri, they hear a man's voice saying to "tighten it up." Judy tells everyone to hide, that they can't let this new group see The Robot. As they hide, they study the new group. They recognize the man speaking as the colony representative, though Maureen voted for the other candidate. The group moves on and Will finds an envelope that someone dropped. He asks if they should open it, but Penny says that it's not theirs. Then, a man named Vijay from the group greets them. He asks where they're from, then sees Will holding the envelope and says that it's his and he needs it back. Penny takes it, then he sees The Robot and tells them all to get down. Penny tells him that it's okay, that he's with them, that it's a long story. Vijay shouts for his Dad, but they stop him. Penny tells him that they need him to keep this quiet. He says that his Dad is in charge and needs to know. Penny points out that his Dad is only in charge on Alpha Centauri. Judy says that she doesn't trust him, but Penny says she does because he'll do what they say if what's in the envelope is as important as it seems. She asks if they have a deal and he reluctantly agrees and leaves. Will says he didn't think they would run into anybody; Judy tells him that they need to get this over with.

They finally reach the cave that they've been seeking. Will asks Judy and Penny if they think The Robot will be okay there. Penny says she thinks he'll be fine. Judy says that it's getting late and they should head back. Maureen calls over the radio, asking after them. She asks why nobody is answering. Will says that they are there, just busy. She asks if his sisters are there and Penny tells her that they're outside, securing the pop-outs. Maureen tells them that they've run into a bit of car trouble and won't be back tonight. John and Don try to start the Chariot, but have no luck. They've drained the batteries. There's not enough daylight to recharge the solar cells. Maureen says that she feels a little better knowing that The Robot's there. Judy starts to spill the beans, but Will gives her a look. She says that they'll talk about it when they get back and they sign off. Will says that maybe now that they're not in a hurry, they could stick around. Penny agrees that she doesn't want to see what the planet is like at night. Judy agrees, saying that they'll leave the cave at first light.

"Dr. Smith" continues to explore outside, hearing animals calling in the distance. She discovers the cave. Inside the cave, Penny writes a message - "The Robinsons Were Here." She's found red ocher. Judy calls it vandalism, but Penny compares it to early cave paintings. She says that you paint a picture so you can sign it. They may be blips in the universe, but they made it. She and Will place their handprints, and talk Judy into doing so also. The Robot stares wonderingly. Maureen rests against the wreckage of the Resolute's satellite dish. John tells her not to worry, that they'll come up with another way to reach the Resolute. Maureen wonders if maybe there are no plans. He tells her it'll never happen and sits with her. They share some of Don's booze. In the distance, they see glowing lights. They're not sure what it is, but it's beautiful. From the cave, The Robot and Will see it too. Will calls for the others to come. They see glowing jellyfish. Judy tells Penny that she didn't tell her she was leaving because she thought she would be happy about it. Penny agrees that she's "super-annoying most of the time." Judy says that she knows, but she still has Will to boss around. Penny tells her it's not as rewarding as she thinks. Back with the wreckage, John says there's a lot of stars and he wonders which is theirs. Maureen asks if he means the one they came from, or the one they're going to. John tells her that he's not picky at this point. Maureen says it's not the first time they've been lost. He says that wasn't his fault. They reminisce about an old time going hiking on their honeymoon. He admits he was trying to impress her with his orienteering skills, and she says he impressed her in other ways. She asks where he plans on living when they finally get to Alpha Centauri. He tells her he wants to be as close to her and the kids as possible. She asks for how long, and he asks if he did something wrong. She says it's better if they don't even get into it. He asks that she not shut her down. She tells him that she found "the letter." He asks what she means as she starts to walk away. There's a rumbling and a shaking. It's an earthquake.

The two have become trapped underneath the satellite dish. He bangs on it, calling for Don to help. Don, however, is busy gathering up the whiskey containers. Maureen says that he'll figure it out eventually. John asks what they can do until then. So they sit, apart from each other. Maureen tells him that she wasn't snooping, that she opened the letter by accident. She says it had a little blue logo that comes on the invites for military social functions and she was excited to get dressed up and go dancing. She read it and sat in the car in the parking lot crying, not because she lied to him, but because she was going to have to lie to the kids. Their father wasn't ordered back to his combat post, rather, he chose to go, over 6,000 miles away. He tells her the world they left behind was a big place and not everyone had the luxury of feeling responsible for their small little part of it. He says she could have asked him to stay, but she didn't. He says not to pretend his leaving wasn't for the best. She asks if that's what they're doing, pretending. There's a knock and Don asks if they're in there. He says he's been looking all over, but it'll take some time to get them out. Neither are thrilled with this. In the cave, The Robot studies the wall. He flexes his hand and puts some of the red ocher on it. He adds his handprint. Judy watches and sighs, then rolls over to go back to bed.

Don finally blasts an opening into the wreckage. He tells them that he spent the whole night looking for charges to blow a hole. Maureen and John are more than ready to go. Back in the cave, The Robot hands Will a rock for his collection. Judy says that they need to get home before Mom and Dad do and they'll come back for The Robot. Will tells The Robot that he needs to stay there in the cave. The Robot tells him "Danger, Will Robinson," but Will tells him that he's the one in danger and he needs to stay. He tells him he can't come. He starts to leave and The Robot immediately starts to follow. Will tells him not to and leaves again. This time, The Robot does not follow. "Dr. Smith" watches from the edge of a cliff. Jupiter 4 makes a broadcast to Chariot 11, carrying Maureen, John and Don. Victor Dhar asks for Naoko, saying that nobody from the Robinsons is responding, and Maureen tells him that he's actually speaking with Maureen Robinson, and that she borrowed the Watanabes' Chariot. He tells her that next time to clear it with him when she wants to visit old friends. John mutters that he voted for the other guy. Don says that he didn't get a vote. He tells her that nobody's been able to establish contact with the Resolute and they need to amplify the signal. She tells him about the wreckage of the satellite dish. He says they need a plan B and he'll be at her Jupiter in an hour with other survivors. He tells her to be ready to get her hands dirty. Back at the Jupiter 2, John and Maureen thank Don and he heads off. In the craft, John and Maureen call out for the kids, but get no response. Then, they all show up. Will is wearing headphones, ostensibly the reason he didn't hear them. Penny is wearing a towel on her head, having supposedly been in the shower. John asks if everything's been okay, and they say it was all really boring. John asks about The Robot and Judy says that she thinks he wandered off. They considered going after him, but it seemed irresponsible. John says someone has to go find him. They leave and Will notes that Judy referred to The Robot as "he." She tells him it's just a pronoun. She asks if he's going to tell Dad the truth tomorrow and he says that he will. He asks if The Robot will be okay, and they say he'll be fine.

In the cave, "Dr. Smith" approaches The Robot. "Alone," she says. "At last." She says they could get to know each other. They have so much in common. They both lost someone on the Resolute. She thinks they could help one another. She just wonders how. She says that Will told her that he found him in pieces, dying. She says that could have been her, which would have made things a lot easier. She points the gun at him. She tells him not to worry, that she won't hurt him, like he would never hurt her. Will told him to never hurt anyone. She say that's a bit of a problem because she can't get back to the Resolute without protection, protection that he can provide. She needs him to have all his options on the table. She sees his handprint and says that he wants to belong, so he thinks he's doing the right thing by following Will. She tells him that the truth is that people are unreliable, not loyal like him. Even Will Robinson will betray him, and he'll need someone to save him - her.


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