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The United Global Space Force is an organization from Earth created to save Earth and human species from extinction.


The UGSF had three main missions:

  • to plan and launch the Jupiter Mission for Alpha Prime.
  • To built the Hypergate to start the human colonisation of Alpha Prime.
  • To defeat the terrorist organization called the "Global Sedition".


Some time prior to 2058, the United Global Space Force was created and started the construction of the Hypergate and the Jupiter ship.

The Jupiter mission consisted in sending the Robinson Familly in a ten-years journey to Alpha Prime, where they would start the construction of an other Hypergate. Once the two hypergate were connected, Mankind would be able to start colonisation of Alpha Prime.

But all the mission was based on a lie: Earth population though that new environmental technologies would save the planet; however, these technologies came too late to save Earth, wich made the Jupiter Mission Humans last hope for survival.

However, some people outside the UGSF high command learned the truth and created the Global Sedition, starting a terrorist campaign against UGSF key infrastructures.

The only known battle between the two factions is the battle of the Hypergate, when two kamikaze mutants of the Sedition attacked the construction site on September 30, 2058. The USGF deployed two fighters, piloted by Major Don West and Jeb Walker to destroy them, which was a success.

However, the Sedition were able to kill the pilot for the Jupiter Mission; and therefore, Major Don West became the new pilot. Later, the UGSF launched the Jupiter Mission; and when the Jupiter 2 and the Robinson Familly went missing, it launched the Proteus, commanded by Major Jeb Walker, in search for them.

However, the Proteus encoutered the Space Spider, which killed the entire crew, before being destroyed when the Jupiter 2, comming from a time rift in space after a faild attemp from Zachary Smith to sabotage the ship, overload the engines and destroyed the Proteus. Jupiter 2 then jumped in Hyperspace to Alpha Prime.