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Will Robinson was a young boy in the Robinson Family. He trained to be in the colony program but was ultimately denied.

He failed the stress test, but was accepted after his mother managed to get a seat for him.

After the Jupiter 2 was stranded on an alien planet, he helped save his sister's life by coming up with the idea to use Magnesium to melt the ice she was trapped in. He became the first to encounter the Robot.

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Will Robinson is known to be kind, caring, intelligent, and cautious. He suffers from nervousness and low self-esteem in the beginning of the series. He is very attached to the robot and this becomes a problem when his father is wounded. But he overcomes all these to prove himself as a brave and selfless member of the colonist group.

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Although he failed at one of the entry tests which involved working under pressure, Will is still quite talented in the field for being so young. Like his mother Maureen, Will is a prodigious engineer. He has also demonstrated vast knowledge and understanding of geology, physics and chemistry. Will alerted his father to the magnesium deposits with which they used to rescue Judy from the icy pool shortly after they crashed on the unidentified planet.


Will was born in a premature condition eleven years before the series begins.

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