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"The impossible happens all the time. You just have to believe it can."
Will Robinson to his sister Penny[1]

Will Robinson is a main character in Netflix's 2018-2021 television series Lost in Space. He is the youngest child in the Robinson Family. He develops a special connection with Robot.


Early Life and Joining the Colony[]

Will was born in a premature condition eleven years before the Robinson family was lost in space. He required intensive care as an infant and lost 3 ounces not long after being born.[2]

Will trained to be in the colony program but was ultimately denied for failing the stress test. He was accepted after his mother managed to get a seat for him, secretly changing his status with the 24th Colonist Group in a black market transaction. In exchange, she had to upload the security codes to Hastings in order to bypass the security systems of the Resolute. She then lied to him, claiming that he had, in fact, passed.

The Unknown Planet[]

Will Robinson, upset after sawing the branch and separating from the Robot

After the Jupiter 2 was stranded on an alien planet, he helped save his sister's life by coming up with the idea to use Magnesium to melt the ice she was trapped in. While out to harvest it with his father, John, he ended up becoming separated. He then encountered the Robot and was excited to be the first human, as far as he knew, to discover evidence of an alien intelligence. When the two of them were trapped on a branch together, he severed the branch in order to reunite the Robot with the rest of his body, but was sad, thinking that he had doomed himself. He was pleasantly surprised when the Robot rescued him. Though the Robot's form was at first somewhat monstrous and terrifying, he formed a bond with Will and took on a more human-like appearance make him feel more comfortable. Will's rescue of him formed a strong friendship between the two.

Will led the Robot back to his family's Jupiter spacecraft, where thanks to his ability to melt ice and powerful strength, he was able to rescue Will's sister Judy and the spacecraft from underwater.[3]

The Water Planet and the Resolute[]

Will was separated from his Robot when the Jupiter 2 was sent hurtling in space to watery planet. He sometimes played with a toy version of the Robot, speaking to it as if it was the Robot that he had befriended. He told it that while everyone thinks that he misses him because he helps them out of trouble, the truth is that they do fine on their own. He really just misses them because they're friends.[4]

Will aided his family as they used a lightning storm on the planet to re-energize the Jupiter 2 in order to get back into space. They discovered a giant metal trench and within it, Maureen discovered markings that looked like the one on the Robot and his ship. Will wanted to stay and investigate the glyphs, but Maureen declared that they're getting as far away from the planet as possible. Will was upset about this, but was aided by Penny, who brought him Maureen's wrist device, showing him that Maureen had taken some recordings of the glyphs. Will thanked her and told her that if the Robot couldn't find them, then he was going to find him.[5]

He and his family arrived back on the Resolute, which had been abandoned by the colonists. Will and Penny hid as Scarecrow rampaged through the vessel, but the Robinson family, with the help of Don West, was ultimately able to contain it. Will learned that his Robot had been on the vessel as well.[6] He tried to form a connection with Scarecrow like he had formed with his own Robot, but Scarecrow did not seem to react in the same way. He had a chat with his mother, in which she admitted that she had been going about things the wrong way. She had been trying to do it by herself, and showed Will the alien engine which powered the Resolute. Will then told Scarecrow that they might never be friends and that he might not even understand what he's saying, but that he didn't belong in a box, referring to the cage in which he had been trapped. In response, Scarecrow showed him evidence that SAR and Will's Robot had fought in that room. Will got a flash and realized his Robot was on the amber planet below.[7]

The Amber Planet[]

Will and his mother began making plans to go down to the planet, using a photograph as reference to find the Robot, charting it as being about 200 kilometers east of base camp. They planned to meet up with John and have him drive them there. They met up with Ben Adler, who had been working on Scarecrow, and he expressed his appreciation in them letting him tag along, though Maureen said he'd come whether they wanted him to or not. Will slept during the journey and Maureen commented on how little he looks while he's sleeping. Ben expressed that he had a hope of seeing his family, who were on Alpha Centauri, again thanks to Will. He showed her some glyphs they had found on the planet, wondering what they meant. Will replied that when they found his Robot, they could ask him and Ben replied that they should just hope that they liked the answer.[8]

They arrived on the planet, where they learned that the Chariot vehicles had all been quarantined and that John wouldn't be able to join them due to needing medical care after an incident in a well. Will wondered if they were going to walk and Ben asked if it was a problem. It was a joke, however, as he revealed that he had sent for horses from base camp. Maureen commented that it was just like at grandma's, though Will noted he had never let him have his own horse because he was too little. Ben said that he now not only had a horse, but also a robot, and they should go find him. They set off, determined to make good time during the daylight they had left.

As it got dark, Maureen and Ben prepared to make camp. Will protested, as he wanted to keep going, but Ben told him that it was safety first. Maureen noted that a year ago he would have been the first one wanting to stop. He asked if Maureen would leave Earth again if she had the choice, given everything that had happened. Will came over, saying that he would, as it had made them all better. That evening, he observed that the horses were spooked. He shone his flashlight and observed some kind of animals. Ben identified them as scavengers that their security posts would keep away, but then the posts all went out, then came back on. The system was on the fritz and the creatures, dinosaur-like, charged forward. Will pleaded, wondering what they would do now. She told him that if the posts went out again, he should run. It did, and he ran, but then a red pulse stopped the dinosaurs. Will stared in surprise and delight. It was the Robot. He raced forward and hugged him, saying that he knew he'd find him. He asked him what happened, saying he wouldn't believe everything that happened. He beckoned Will, and Will told Maureen that the Robot wanted to show them something. He asked if they could go and she told him that they could. As Will began to walk off, Ben commented that he almost didn't believe the stories were true. Maureen replied that it was the difference between Will and the rest of them, that he never stopped believing.

They continued into a cave, where Will discovered drawings. They were drawings of their journey together, even drawings of Will's time on the water planet when they weren't together, such as the Jupiter 2 with sails. Will said that even when they were apart, he saw these things too. The whole time, they've been connected. He asked what the Robot meant when he said that this place was danger, if it was danger for them or for him. The Robot indicated a drawing, but he replied that he didn't understand. He talked about the forest and saving the Robot and Maureen suggested that it may be his way of trying to talk to him and share stories. Will asked if he wanted to talk about when they first connected. The Robot seemed to fritz and Will asked if he was hurt. He told Maureen that it was too far for the Robot to walk and they should come and pick it up a Jupiter. Maureen replied that it was better if they all stuck together, but he said it wasn't a good idea, that it was a "bad one," definitely bad. The Robot turned. He was not the Robot at all, but rather the Second Alien Robot. His face went red and he morphed with his extra appendages. Maureen shouted for Will to run, but the SAR grabbed him and tossed him to the ground. Will, however, said that he didn't want to kill him, that he had brought him there for a reason. He wanted the engine before, but this time he wanted something else and it was why he brought the Robot there. It was a trap. Will asked what he wanted, saying that he could have it if he let his mother go. Maureen shouted, then, Ben electrocuted the Robot from behind, turning it into a chunk of smoldering parts and ash. Will then went searching and ended up falling through an opening, where he discovered the real Robot.[9]


Will and the Robot painted new pictures on the cavern wall. Will commented that he might be a better artist than him now, but he shouldn't let it to go to his head, because it wasn't saying much. He said that they should stick together from then on, no matter what. He drew a picture of the Resolute, saying that neither time he was on it was that great, but he should roll with him. They needed to get to Alpha Centauri, and the only way was him. They returned to the horses, but the Robot reacted badly upon seeing them for the first time, believing them to be a threat. Will told the Robot not to worry, that they were friends. He explained what horses were and how to calm them down when upset. He explained about using a bit to keep the horse from running away. "Friend Will Robinson" said the Robot and Will agreed that the horse was a friend and that using the bit wouldn't hurt it.

The group came across a herd of bison-like animals. They were forced to disembark from their horses to try to find an alternate route. The Robot petted his horse and Will complimented him on being pretty good. He asked if the Robot wanted to learn how to feed him and gave him an apple to feed the horse. The horse ate it out of his hand. The Robot seemed pleased and continued with petting the horse. The Robot then melted the horses's bridle. Will asked he was doing and he replied "Friend." Will told him that he might think he was helping, but he needed the bit, that he didn't know any better. He would just wander off without it. They continued their trek and Will asked his mother if she trusted Adler. She replied that sometimes you have to be smart and work with people you don't trust. Will commented that Adler was pretty smart too, having built something that could kill SAR, even though he didn't know they were in danger. They encountered the dinosaurs from before, but Will said there was no way they would attack with the Robot there. Maureen agreed that they were hunting something else - the bison-like creatures. This resulted in a stampede. "Danger, Will Robinson," warned the Robot. He then stopped to help a horse. Will shouted for him to come back, but he didn't. Adler wondered why and Maureen said that he was helping his friend. Adler commented that the thought Will was the Robot's friend.

Will's horse, Gypsy, collapsed due to a cut, apparently grazed during the stampede and infected with a toxin. Will comforted the horse and the Robot did too. He told the Robot that the horse wasn't like him and they couldn't repair him. Gypsy died and Will watched as the Robot piled rocks to grieve. Will comforted him by patting his shoulder. They continued onward, Will riding with Maureen, and met up with a Jupiter spacecraft. Adler asked Will if he realized the importance of what he had done. Will told him to thank the Robot. The Robot was holding Gypsy's bridle and Adler asked Will if he'd give him that. Will told him that he didn't, that he must have just wanted something to remember him by. They boarded the Jupiter transport and Will told the Robot that things would be different when they got back up to the Resolute, that this time they would save everyone. He told the Robot to remove the engine from the Jupiter 2, and the Robot did so. Will then had the Robot follow him to the engine room.[10]


Will continued with the Robot to the engine room of the Resolute, unaware that elsewhere on the vessel his family was planning a mutiny. The Robinsons had learned that the crew of the vessel were planning to take off as soon as the engine was installed, stranding those on the planet below, as the water they had brought up from the planet was contaminated and they had a very limited supply. Will watched as the engine was installed and told Adler and Hastings that he thought it was ready. Just then, the lights went out and when Hastings radioed the bridge, Maureen revealed her mutiny. He listened as his mother told Adler and Hastings to let her son and the Robot return to their Jupiter. Hastings replied that nobody was keeping him there, that they were all working towards the same goal. Maureen pointed out that they were 500 short and Will asked what she was talking about. He asked if Adler knew about this and he replied that nobody wanted this to happen. He stated that he was protecting Will, but at this, the Robot stepped forward, his face glowing red. Will shook his head, stating that he didn't need protection and left.

He met up with his sister Penny, who gave the Robot a big hug. He commented that it was nice to see her too and she noted that she had just seen him two days ago. He pointed out that he had fought SAR and almost died. She responded that she flew through space in a storage container. She then said she had a secret mission from their mom, though it was for the Robot. She commented to Will that the Robot was different, that he used to walk behind Will because he wanted to see what was coming, to protect him, but now they were following him. Will considered this, but said that the Robot had been through a lot recently and would get back to normal. The Robot stopped and Will asked what was going on. Penny pointed out that in the past, the Robot would say "Danger, Will--," but Will cut her off, shouting at her to stop, that she didn't know him. He told the Will that their mother was counting on him and the Robot continued. Elsewhere, Hastings revealed a secret to John and Judy: the secret of Will's test score on the stress test having been altered. John replied that Will had proven that he deserved to be there.

Will and Penny braced themselves as Maureen executed her plan to purify the vessel's water. Elsewhere, the Robot repaired a structural defect that would have destroyed the Resolute. They both greeted the Robot warmly when he returned, Penny saying that it was going in the book.

Later, Hastings betrayed the Robinson family, using knowledge that the had gained from Maureen in exchange for altering Will's test result against them. The Robot detected that something was wrong and declared "Danger...friend." They learned that Don West and Ava were trapped in an airlock and dying and the crew couldn't get the door open. Will said that the Robot could, then watched in shock as the Robot just kept going past. Will shouted for him to stop, but the Robot just kept going, saying "Danger... friend." Penny asked who he was talking about and Will admitted that he didn't know.


Lost in Space 2x08 Robot Refuses Will Robinson

"No, Will Robinson."

It was ultimately up to Maureen to save the two, while Will and Penny continued to follow the Robot. Inside, a man poked an electric shock prod at a metal box. Will wondered what the man was doing, but Penny held him back. Inside the box was the robot Scarecrow. The Robot went berserk about seeing this and Will shouted as the guards approached him with their stun sticks. He told the Robot not to hurt them, but the Robot was enraged. He knocked out the guards, then ripped the door off the cage and freed Scarecrow. Will told Penny to look at Scarecrow's lights, that he had seen this before. "He's dying." Penny said that she thought his Robot was angry. Will stepped forward, saying that it was okay. He spoke to the Robot, saying that he was sorry about what had happened to his friend. The Robot's face reverted to his normal blue lights form as Scarecrow seemed to die in his arms. He then started to walk away. Will begged him to stop, that they needed him to get home, to which the Robot replied "No, Will Robinson."[11]

Shell Game[]

As Adler and Hastings discovered Scarecrow's removal, Adler realized that Will might no longer be in charge when it came to the Robot. Will and Penny watched as the Robot attempted to take control of Scarecrow's ship. Will told him that it was broken and he couldn't fly it. Will asked where it was he was trying to go and the Robot indicated Scarecrow, telling him "Help. Friend." It seemed he felt there was still a chance to save Scarecrow. Will replied that he wanted to help too, but right now, they couldn't. He again asked the Robot to take them to Alpha Centauri, but the Robot again told him "No." Will told Penny that she was right and the Robot was different now. He had been trying to pretend that he was still the same, but it wasn't so. He said that it was okay, that he wasn't the same himself either and the Robot shouldn't be any different. They were connected and growing up. In the distance, they heard someone coming. Will said they had to hide the robots. Penny was at first skeptical of this, but then said that she had an idea. Meanwhile, Hastings was plotting against them.

Judy tried to contact the both of them, but Will and Penny were busy getting to work on their plan. Inside a garbage chute, Penny shut down their radios so that nobody could track them. Will pointed that this also meant they had no way to contact anyone, but she said they could contact them another way. For right now, they needed to hide, that they were fugitives. Will replied that they weren't fugitives, that they were helping their friend. Will told the Robot that he needed to tell them just how it was they were supposed to help Scarecrow, where they were supposed to go. The Robot indicated some symbols on his arm, like the ones from the water planet. Will asked if this meant they were supposed to take Scarecrow to the water planet, but did not get a positive response. The Robot then indicated the markings on Scarecrow's arm, which were different. Will replied that he didn't understand and the Robot started scratching into the wall, a picture of a horse. Penny was worried they might have to feed Scarecrow a horse, but Will realized that the Robot wanted them to take Scarecrow to the ring on the Amber planet. It was then they heard an announcement over the PA system. It was Ben Adler, stating that Will Robinson had acted without regard of the safety of the crew and that anyone who saw him or his Robot should report their location to security immediately. He then addressed Will, stating that he knew he thought he was doing the right thing, but there were other ways to handle it. He told him to not let it go any further than it already had. "What now?" asked Penny.

She asked how they were going to get down to the planet. Will suggested that they could fly a Jupiter and she agreed that this would be a great idea if either of them knew how. He said they could get help, while meanwhile Dr. Smith was telling Ben Adler that he would do just that. They met up with Judy, as well as the girl Samantha and explained what they needed. Judy considered a big risk, saying that it was too dangerous. Will told her that the Robot had always done what they asked, and never asked them for anything before until now. He said they needed to do this because it was what friends would do, that it wasn't a one-way street. Samantha said that she had an idea. When two guards came to search the trash compactor, they found only clothing. Will, Penny, Judy and Samantha were in a storage room elsewhere, Samantha telling them that they would be safe there. Judy said they would need one heck of a plan.

The plan was to "borrow" a Jupiter and Will wondered just who would be crazy enough to do that. Penny said that it was lunchtime and she should get to the dining hall. Her plan was to meet up with Vijay Dhar, whose own family was still stranded on the planet. Meanwhile, as the Robot examined Scarecrow, Will asked if he would be okay. He told the Robot that his sisters were doing everything they could to help. The Robot showed Will Gypsy's bridle. Will promised him that they would not let Scarecrow die. Realizing that Smith was helping the crew, the group realized that they would have do something unexpected if their plan was to succeed. Will wondered what this could be.

As they concocted their plan, Will wondered if their mother would be okay with it. Judy replied that Maureen wasn't exactly the arbiter of right and wrong anymore. Will asked what she meant and she said they were old enough to take responsibility for their own actions. They then put to the plan into motion. While Samantha provided a distraction, Penny and Judy drove a Chariot ATV through the ship in order to draw away more attention. They were caught, but inside the security forces found nothing but crates and nothing but a robotic arm. "It was a shell game," realized Dr. Smith, as Will and the Robot proceeded to the Jupiter 2, only to find Ben Adler, who had anticipated their plan. He said it was where he would have gone. He radioed that he had them. He pulled out a device and told Will to step away from the Robot. "No," he said, as the Robot advanced, telling them both to stop. Ben told him that he could not allow him to take away their only hope of survival. Will told him that he wasn't, that he should be able to see that Scarecrow was dying. He had saved Robots before. The Resolute wasn't ready to leave and they could be back by the time the rest of the colonists were on board. Adler replied that things never went according to plan. Will told him that he had said that he wished that he and Scarecrow could be friends and now was the time to act like one. Ben Adler told him that if he was asking him to choose between friend and family, he would choose his family.

He told him he was sorry as two guard appeared and used stun sticks on the Robot. Adler restrained Will, as Hastings appeared, saying there was nowhere else to go. The guards again shocked the Robot. "Help. Family," begged the Robot, indicating Scarecrow. As the guards again shocked the Robot, Adler released Will. The Robot arose, asking "Help. Ben Adler." Hastings shouted for Ben to use his EMF device as Adler considered the form of Scarecrow on the ground. "Help me get him on board," he told Will as the Robot tried to fight off the guards. Will told the Robot to come with them, but he replied "No, Will Robinson." Will shook his head, telling him to get up and fight back. Adler told him they had to go now as the Robot again begged "Help. Friend." Will watched in despair and shock as the doors of the Jupiter 2 closed and they took off, the Robot caged and captured, and Hastings saying that they had enough water and it was time to leave. On the vessel, Will got suited up and asked Adler what he thought would happen to the Robot. He admitted he didn't know, asking if Will wanted to go back. Will told him that he didn't, that they needed to take Scarecrow to the ring, that it was what the Robot wanted.


As they arrived on the planet, Adler asked if there was any sign of what they were looking for. Will said that there wasn't yet. Adler asked what the plan was, if they would just find the spot, place Scarecrow there, retreat to a safe distance and watch the lightning heal him. Will admitted that the Robot hadn't given him precise instructions. They found what they were looking for and raced to get Scarecrow. Will told him that he was home and Adler called it "a very strange hospital." Scarecrow was down to just two lights. They heard the rumbling of the storm, to their surprise, as they didn't expect that it would be happening yet. They had no choice but to move ahead with their plan. Adler told Will to stay in the Jupiter, which would act as a Faraday cage. Will wanted to go with him, but he told him he had an important job to do on Alpha Centauri. He was the only one who knew the truth about what had happened. Adler told him to tell his wife and children that he tried to fix things before it was too late. He told him that he trusted hi, but not enough to think that he wouldn't chase after him, and sealed him in. "No!" Will shouted, but it was too late. He could only watch as Adler made his way out into the storm with Scarecrow. He contacted him and told him that they could figure out some other way to do this. Adler told him that it was okay, and thanked him for reminding him of who he used to be. Will then watched in horror as a Robot ship powered up from inside the lightning storm and signaled a mayday.

He contacted his parents, telling them that he was with Victor Dhar and the Robots were coming, a lot of them. Meanwhile, Hastings tried to torture the Robot to take the ship to Alpha Centauri, but the Robot's only response was "Will Robinson." The Jupiter 2 arrived at the Resolute, where Will was reunited with his family, who had rescued the Robot from Hastings. He hugged the Robot, whom John said wouldn't leave without him. He told the Robot that Scarecrow made it to the ring in time, but he didn't know what had happened and there was an army of Robots heading their way. Victor said that they needed to get away and Will agreed that the only reason they escaped was because they weren't what the Robots wanted. They wanted their engine. Maureen said that it was finally time to use the engine for what it was for, asking the Robot to please take them to Alpha Centauri. "No," he replied and Will commented "It's a new word. I think he just likes saying it." "Danger," the Robot then said and they realized that heading to Alpha Centauri would also lead the Robots to the colony. The only way to end things was to let the Robots board the ship. They would all come for the engine and then they would electrify them all.

Maureen noticed that Will looked troubled and asked him what was the matter. He pointed out that Adler had just died in order to save Scarecrow, yet there they were trying to destroy a hundred Robots just like him, just like his Robot. Maureen told him that there was only one like him, that he was special. Will replied that Scarecrow was special too and she noted that they didn't know what happened to Scarecrow after he left and that he could be on the ship coming to attack them. Will told her that he wasn't sure this was the right thing to do, but she said they had to protect themselves. The group proceeded with their plan, but then more shocking news came in: there were now hundreds of Robot vessels on an intercept course for the Resolute for each of the other four planets in the system, arriving in two hours.

They began working on a new plan, one which required a magnetic field. They weren't sure how to generate it, but Will pointed out that the Amber planet had an ionosphere which they could use to magnetize the vessel's hull. Maureen, however, told him that there just wasn't enough time. Judy then proposed a plan which stunned them all. The alien engine could go on any ship, so they would place it on-board a Jupiter, which could hold 97 people. John asked who would choose which 97 would go. As it happened, there were 97 children aboard the Resolute. Her plan was to save the children. Judy understood, because of what Maureen had done with Will. Sometimes an imperfect solution was all they had. She would not be going herself, as she was 19. Will chimed in, saying that she had always said the Robinsons were supposed to stick together. He, however, had to admit that the Robot would have no trouble attaching the Robot to a Jupiter transport. John told him to get it started. Will said that it was wrong, but Judy was resigned that it was the only way.

Penny and Will gathered with the line, preparing to board the Jupiter transport. As they did so, Will bid farewell to Don West. They gave a tearful farewell to their family, John quipping that he would have to delay Will's driving lesson. Will told his mother that he had always tried to be helpful, but today it was really hard. She smiled, agreeing that she always tried and that was what she loved about him. He, Penny and Judy then boarded the vessel, as Judy had been selected to captain the group.

The Robots that the crew had captured turned out to only be moving slowly rather than completely suspended. Will was with the Robot as it was finishing attaching the alien engine to the Jupiter. "Danger," Will realized. The Robot stopped and Will told him that he couldn't go, that the ship wouldn't make it to Alpha Centauri without him. "No," replied the Robot and he told him that he had to stay there, that a bunch of kids were counting on him. He needed to look out for the kids the way he had always looked out for him. He told the Robot that he had to do this and left. The Robot stared after him, but did not follow. Penny asked him what he was doing, telling him they were trying to take off. He said that it was too late. He stood before the rampaging robots, holding up his hand. They stopped and the leader of the group, the THAR, addressed him by name. "Will Robinson." "You know who I am" he replied and told THAR that they didn't need to fight, that it didn't have to be this way. The Robots turned, seeming to confer, but then THAR sprouted razors on his back and energized his hands. Will turned to run, but then another Robot ambushed THAR. "Scarecrow?" wondered Will. Penny pulled Will back inside as Scarecrow and THAR had it out.

Back on the Jupiter, Will said that he was stupid, that he though he could change the Robots. Penny pointed out that Scarecrow had come back. One might be an exception, but two could be the start of something big. With the distraction of the Robot battle and help those from the Resolute, the launch of the Jupiter transport ship was successful and the vessel transversed the rift. Will told the Robot that Scarecrow had saved them and asked if he knew that he would be there. The Robot just stared and Will said that he had just hoped he would be, asking if he truly knew what hope was. "Yes, Will Robinson," agreed the Robot, as Penny considered the planet before them, saying that Alpha Centauri looked different in the brochure. "Huh, yeah," agreed Will. "There's only one one sun." Wherever they were, it most certainly was not Alpha Centauri. "What happened here?" wondered Will as they considered the scene before them. It was a human-made radar signature, but not one from Alpha Centauri. "What radar signature have we been following?" wondered Will. He and the group stared inside an asteroid field, inside which floated the Fortuna, the vessel of Judy Robinson's lost biological father, Grant Kelly.

Personality & character[]


Lost in Space Boy’s Best Friend HD Netflix

Will Robinson is the only son of the Robinsons. In the beginning, he is shown to be meek and easily becomes anxious around the unknown. However, he has proven himself to be kind, understanding, intelligent, cute, and cautious when is comes to his family, the Robot and the Resolute. Will suffers from nervousness and low self-esteem in the beginning of the series. As he did not have many friends on Earth and was eager to leave. He becomes very attached to the robot because of his longing for a friend. Will often suffers panic attacks, but also has a surprising wellspring of courage and could be the key to everyone's survival. He overcomes his challenges to prove himself as a brave and selfless member of the 24th Colonist Group. He has an indomitable spirit and is said to never stop believing, even when others do. ("Severed") Despite his mother's lie that he had passed all of his tests, there was a part of him which felt that he didn't deserve to be a part of the 24th Colonist Group.[3]

On Earth, he liked to play with an action figure of a character named Captain Quasar and often included him in his videos. (Lost in Space: Return to Yesterday)

Skills & abilities[]

Falsified profile stating that he passed his stress/emergency response test

Although Will had failed one of the entry tests which involved working under pressure as he finds it difficult to think clearly when he is nervous or anxious, he is still quite talented and knowledgeable in the field of science for being so young. Like his mother Maureen, Will is a prodigious engineer. He has also demonstrated vast knowledge and understanding of geology, physics and chemistry and tested into the geology track. Will alerted his father to the magnesium deposits with which they used to rescue Judy from the icy pool shortly after they crashed on the unidentified planet.

Will Robinson has an emotional connection to the Robot in Season 1 and could seem to understand the emotions of the Robot by looking at its lights. This connection drives him to find the Robot again in Season 2. In Season 3, this leads SAR to try to kill him and the Robot to sacrifice his life in order to save Will's. Recalling Robot's last words to "Trust, Will Robinson," Will is able to decipher Robot's intentions regarding SAR and places his whole trust in Robot's plan, risking his own life out of trust of the Robot which proves to be well-founded.

He has a powerful memory and is capable of counting cards to gain an advantage in card games. He is capable of climbing a tree.[3] Will is shown to being more diplomatic than using his physical strength to gain an advantage. His small stature allowed him to stealthily sneak onto the Jupiter 2 when it was bordered off by the Bridge.


  • His real name was William but he is never called like that, as his astronaut suit wrote Will.
  • In the third season, Will is taller and more physically mature than in the previous two seasons due to the year that has passed. He has also cut his hair shorter than in seasons 1 and 2. His original physical appearence is only seen at the start of "Three Little Birds" before the one year timeskip. The change is explained in the series as a massive growth spurt within the year that passes between the events shown at the very beginning of "Three Little Birds" and the year that passes on the shattered planet. In real-life, Will's actor Maxwell Jenkins grew during the time production on the season was forced to shutter due to the COVID-19 pandemic and it is likely that the year on the planet was written into the series as a means of reflecting this.


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