Zack Estrin is an executive producer who is the showrunner for Netflix's 2018 television series Lost in Space.

Speaking of the series in the sizzle reel for the program, he described it as "an incredible opportunity to do something truly unique and special."

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As a kid, Estrin would fall asleep to the sounds of typing coming from the office of his parents who were writing just down the hall. Once he got older, the Brooklyn native and USC graduate began his own entertainment career in features as a producer on films like STRANGER THAN FICTION and the contemporary Shakespearian adaptation of Othello, O. But he couldn't shake his love for that typing sound and eventually made his way to television as a writer. His early credits included the first three years of the global hit series Charmed, as well as Fox’s Tru Calling.

From there, Zack moved up the ranks to co-executive producer for four seasons of the critically acclaimed,award-winning, gritty drama series, Prison Break. He recently served as showrunner and executive producer on ABC’s paranormal thrillers The River and The Whispers as well as co-creator and executive producer once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Currently, Estrin is once again acting as showrunner and executive producer for Netflix’s reimagining of the sci-fi family adventure Lost in Space.

Zack lives in Manhattan Beach, CA with his wife and his two daughters who frequently fall asleep to the sound of typing from their father’s office just down the hall.

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